4 Hands Massage: how does it differ from 2 hands?

4 is better than 2 right? It’s twice the number of hands massaging me, it must feel twice as good? Twice as sensual. Double the sensation. After all, more of a good thing is better! Sure it is! How about an 8 hands massage!! (Yes I’ve done them, it takes a lot of choreography…). As with lots of things the answer to the question more is better in 2, 4, 6 or more hands is ‘it depends what you’re looking for’ because they’re quite a different experience.

Count the hands…

How does it differ I hear you ask. What are the ways? What’s different? A massage is a massage and a sensual massage is a sensual massage….there’s warm oil, relaxing music, erotic touch, a release of tension in various ways…

Well yes there’s all those touches you don’t get with a standard ‘spa’ massage. 2, 4 or more is still a sensual experience but with more hands there are some quite essential differences.

Style: every masseur has a distinct style, the strokes they do, the speed, pressure and the intensity. Whilst a pair who are experienced working together will probably have coordinated their moves and sequence you’ll still feel some difference in their style. This can make an interesting contrast. Feel the first masseur massage your head for example and then compare as the second masseur works the same area. If you’ve a male and female combination the contrast can be even more pronounced. It’s intriguing to try and work out whose hands are working your bum for example. Is it his hands or hers? Or perhaps they have one cheek each!

Side by side

Intensity: There’s a lot going on in a 4 hands massage. You could be experiencing a manipulation of your leg at the same time as having the back of your neck gently stroked. The contrast of both ends or both sides of your body being worked at the same time can be intense causing a flood of different sensations. Compared to the intimacy of a two hand where the masseur focuses on a particular area it’s like having a buffet in a busy restaurant against an intimate dinner for two at home. Different experiences, different intensity of sensations. What’s your preference this time? Focus or Flood?

Interaction: You may like to interact a little (or a lot) with your masseur. Fine! this is sensual massage, interaction is good. So you like to feel his body brush yours as he moved around the table, his cock brush your hand as he leans over you, or her breasts slide across your buttocks as she bends to kiss your neck. Two masseurs means two cocks to hold, maybe four breasts to caress, or perhaps the masseurs will interact with each other while you watch? There’s certainly plenty of opportunity for interaction in a 4 hands massage. Like watching your masseurs perform? Enjoy group scenes? Want to explore your bisexual side with a male/female combination? These are all good reasons to try a 4 hand for a different experience.

It always ends explosively

I hope this has piqued your interest in a 4 hands treat! Contact me if you’d like to arrange an experience for yourself. I can arrange a variety of male and female masseur partners. Or maybe you want to try a 4 hand with me joining your partner as the second masseur? I can guide you in giving a 4 hand to your partner, something you can then take to your play as a couple to bring a new dimension to your physical relationship.

What do you think? Let me know.

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