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E is for Edging

E is for Edging

Hello, do you remember that scene in the original The Italian Job movie where the coach full of gold hangs over the edge of the cliff? One slight wrong move and over it goes, spilling the gold all over the valley floor. That iconic scene was a literal cliff hanger finale to the movie…That’s the ending spoiled for you isn’t it. I normally provide happy endings rather than spoiled endings. Sorry about that.


Ok, so why do I mention that scene? Well, I watched the movie again recently and it reminded me about a time a couple of years ago when I visited a guy in London who shoots a certain type of porn film for his fans site. We planned to film together. Think: OnlyFans, nudity, cocks and cum, it’s that sort of thing. Unfortunately, the session didn’t go too well. It was quite an awkward encounter which happens occasionally when filming if the chemistry isn’t there. I sensed it as soon as the guy opened the door. Let’s call the guy Sam because that’s not his name.


You know when you first meet someone and there’s something in their eyes and their reactions that says they’re a bit disappointed in what they see? Have you ever had that? Like when your food turns up at a restaurant and it’s not what you expected. You can’t hide your disappointment but you kind of hope it will taste ok, so you go along with it…in an ‘OK, perhaps dessert will make up for the main course let down’ kind of way. It was that sort of situation with me and Sam.


The meeting was in that dead time between Christmas and New Year.  I’d been talking to Sam on-line about meeting up for a session and I guess we both had nothing much else to do in the interregnum, so we set up the filming date. I turned up at Sam’s place and as he opened the door I saw that look of ‘oh, you’re not what I expected’ flicker across his eyes. Of course his mouth said “Hello James come in, how are you?”. And I said “Hi Sam I’m great, it’s good to meet you” while thinking ‘Whoops, he doesn’t like me’. In this way uneasy encounters begin.


Inside his apartment the awkwardness continued and we made small talk by discussing the weather. This is what English people do when there’s a lot of other more important things to talk about but no-one has the ability or inclination to raise them. There was no particular weather that day. It was one of those bland ‘non-weather’ December days but we talked about it anyway because it was easier than discussing our mutual disappointment. And in this surfeit of politeness we went ahead with our plans. And the plan was to film Sam edging me to climax for him to post on his OnlyFans website. How lovely.


You might have guessed by now but this instalment, for letter ‘E’ in my Z to A of Sensual Massage is about Edging. As in masturbating yourself (or, as in this case someone else) almost to the point of climax and keeping at that point as long as you can before you ejaculate. Or even not ejaculating atall which is perhaps surprisingly even more fun.

And as I sat in Sam’s edging chair, blindfolded, with my arms tied behind my back (to prevent any impromptu self-pleasuring…) with my cock being caressed, I couldn’t stop thinking of that coach full of gold on the edge of the cliff….almost but not falling, as I hovered on the edge of climax, almost but not cuming.


The plan of course was for this to go on, and on, and on until I assume Sam got bored or I couldn’t hold off any longer. In my blindfolded state, for all I knew he could have been reading a book while playing with my cock with his spare hand. We could have filmed for hours. He was good at it, sensing when I got close and backing off before building up the intensity again. I guess he’d done a lot of edging given that this was his work. Interesting job isn’t it?


I think edging is a skill on the part of the edger, but also on the part of the edgee (if that’s a word? My spellcheck seems to think it isn’t but I want to stick with it. I like inventing words). The edger gives the edging and the edgee receives it. As the edgee I felt a responsibility to try and hold off as long as I could, at least initially.


Let’s leave me there with my cock lubed up in Sam’s expert hands while we talk Sensual Massage for a minute. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the filming scene soon enough. I’d just like to make the connection to sensual massage for that’s the point of the Z to A isn’t it. When I’m doing a sensual massage, I like to think of it in part as an exercise in edging, and in these instances of course I’m the edger and my client is the edgee.


Some clients are highly aroused even before we start the massage, and almost any touch on a sensitive part of their body might be that trigger that tips the coach full of gold off the cliff so to speak. If you’re that excited at the start of the massage it’s quite difficult to delay things to later in the massage. There’s a risk of climaxing before you want to.  


I have a couple of solutions to this. The first involves accepting the situation and simply  enjoying a happy start to the massage. Having climaxed at the start (with my help of course) my client can then relax, enjoy the massage and depending on how things go, they may also enjoy a happy ending. It’s like a James Bond movie (while we’re on the theme of movies); a big set piece start and a big set piece ending, with lots of interesting diversions in the middle. I should call it a James Bond session shouldn’t I?


The other solution is to start the massage very slowly. Head (or scalp) massage is a great relaxer and works for this slow start style. I’d cover my client in a towel, keep my shorts on, and start with some relaxing massage on their scalp and neck. It takes the heat out of the situation a bit before we start to build it up again later in the massage. The movie metaphor for this style is Jaws. Everything’s calm at the start, but the end is explosive as the big shark gets blown to bits. You know what I mean? That session style can be called the Jaws session.


Oh and I use a rating system. Let me tell you about that before we go back to Sam and me. Usually I can tell if someone is close to climax but should I miss the signs I sometimes ask my client to say “7” if they’re close but not beyond, the point of no return. It’s easier to say “7” than “I’m close!”.


I tell them it’s like a scale of how turned on they are. 1 is not turned on atall (like your least sexy situation), 2 is a little bit turned on, 3 is starting to get aroused etc. and crucially 7 is the point just before climax where it’s still possible to go back to a 6 rating (or less). 7 is that point where the coach on the edge could still tip back to the road. By the time you’re at 8 on the scale it’s too late, the coach is going over and it can’t be stopped. At 9 it’s gone over and is falling and 10 is when it hits the ground.


So should my massage client say “7” during the session then I know I can stop whatever I’m doing and pull them back to a nice 6 or 5….If they leave it too late and are at 8 then it’s best for me to keep going and make it a great 10 if you know what I mean. Explode that shark. This is edging….keeping someone at 7 for ages. It’s a skill.


OK, let’s go back to my session with Sam. We’d been going a short while and I felt somehow that he was going through the motions. It was nice, I’m not denying that, but I’ve had better. Maybe he’d had a bad day or more likely just wasn’t into me. I was still irritated by his reaction when I had arrived so I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to be edged for another half hour or so either.

Naughtily I thought ‘OK, if I’ve disappointed him by coming today then I’ll just have to disappoint him again by cuming’. So I stopped resisting the urge to shoot and just let it go. I went from 6 to 8, or shall we say my coach full of gold went over the cliff. We hadn’t been filming for long…and as I let it go he said “oh… you came” in a surprised but not convincingly disappointed tone (maybe he was glad?). “You’re too good” I lied as my cock softened.


I had my release… but the film we shot never got its’ release. I guess he canned it because it ended too soon and you can’t really put out a highlights of an edging movie can you? It kind of misses the point. I guess we should have done an Italian Job ending and left me on the edge.


The next instalment in the Z to A of Sensual Massage is D. I’ve a few ideas….but yours are always welcome, please send me your thoughts. Thanks for reading.


What do you think? Let me know.

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