Peter, September ‘20

I had an absolutely incredible four-hands massage with Jamie and another wonderful professional before the lockdown restrictions hit.

The pandemic has left some of us living alone starved of that much needed physical connection that all human beings need for a fulfilled life. Jamie and his colleague were so friendly and professional, gentle and welcoming, and yet they knew that my need was also for a dominant, masculine energy that could take control and lead the session.

Jamie’s physical presence is all anyone could wish for, but more than that, there was real joy in the connection we had and intimacy he offered me. I can only assume that this ability to go in a matter of minutes from total strangers to a warm, trusted presence, whose ability to understand my needs and desires, desite my shyness and reticence, comes from years of experience. Quite simply I yielded my naked body to Jamie, and he repaid that trust a thousandfold. 

I am a long time client of the colleague who shared me with Jamie, and between them they have both won a devoted and loyal customer.