Sensual Massage Training

Learn on models, or your partner

How To Give A Sensual Massage - Starter Course

This course in sensual massage includes techniques to arouse, seduce and stimulate your partner, and to extend and enhance your lovemaking.

The course is ideal for couples wanting to learn the essentials of giving a sensual massage. It is also great for single people who want to learn sensual massage techniques to take into their dating.

You will come away with a full body erotic massage routine that you can use to enhance your own and your partner’s sex life.

The training can be delivered to couples who have the option of practising on each other or using a volunteer model (you choose the gender). If you are a single person then the practice is done with a model.

Practising on a volunteer model is good because the model will provide real feedback to you.



How is the course structured?

The course is delivered in two separate parts. In Part 1 we cover all the basic techniques with my demonstration and guidance.

Between Part 1 and Part 2 you have the opportunity to take what you have learned in Part 1 and apply it.

Then in Part 2 we review your learning and build on it so that during Part 2 you perform a full sensual massage routine with my oversight and help if needed.

When do the courses take place?

I run them on demand so you decide when you want and then let me know.

Because it takes some planning to arrange for the location availability and to ensure models are available it is usually best to arrange dates at least a week in advance. It is also ideal to leave at least a week and no more than 3 weeks between Parts 1 and 2. If the gap is too short you don’t have time to practice and if it’s too long you risk forgetting some of the techniques. So I recommend a two week gap.

Do I need to be naked?

Not necessarily. It depends on how comfortable you are. I recommend that sensual massage is delivered naked (if only because the massage oil is not ideal on clothing) but if you prefer to keep underwear on that is fine.

Will the model be naked?

Yes. All models are selected and approved by me and are comfortable to be naked and experience your touch. They are happy to be aroused to orgasm and will provide constructive feedback on your massage.

May I use a friend or partner instead of a model?

Yes. Make sure they know what the nature of the massage is.

Where does the course take place?

The course can be delivered in various locations, depending on your preference;

  • Incall – Come along to my discreet Central London studio.
  • Outcall – At your home*
  • Outcall – At a hotel

*It is important that you have a suitable space to accommodate the massage table.

How long does each part last?

Both Parts last 2 hours, so the whole course is at least 4 hours, the majority of which is practical hands on training.


What massage experience do I need?

The only pre-requisite is that you have had a sensual massage from me (or from another sensual masseur). It is important that you have experienced sensual massage as a receiver so that you are able to empathise with the person you are massaging. Experience of a ‘standard’ therapeutic massage such as a sports massage or a deep tissue massage is not sufficient because these types of massage are very different from sensual massage.

What do I need to bring?

Everything you need is supplied. You can bring a notepad and pen if you wish to take notes. Guidance notes are given as part of the course.

What is covered in each part?

Part 1 – approximately 2 hours.

We start with a chat about your motivation for wanting to give a sensual massage and what your expectations and aims are from the course.

Preparation: covering how to create the right ambience and setting for the massage, including music, lighting, table, oils, scents, tools and clothing.

Practical: You will learn to perform some basic massage techniques on a volunteer model by following my guidance. This will cover all body parts including the genitals. You’ll learn;

    • Breathing techniques
    • Beginning the massage
    • Head massage
    • Effleurage (long strokes done with the hand)
    • Body to body techniques
    • Genital massage techniques

The volunteer model will give you feedback on how they experienced the massage. You’ll have the opportunity to ask them questions.

You’ll leave with a simple and easy to use routine to practice on your partner.

Part 2 – approximately 2 hours.

Discussion about your experience in Part 1 and on delivering the massage to your partner.

Review of your aims for the course (anything new or changed).

Refresher on techniques in Part 1

New techniques including (if you wish) prostate massage.

A full 45 minute massage on a model (or your partner) with guidance from me. This can include bringing the model to climax if you wish.