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M is for Masturbate

How far would you travel for a good masturbation session? 100 miles? Each way? Is that too far or is it a reasonable distance in the circumstances. I guess the answer is it depends on the quality of the session and how horny you are. All sensible thinking disappears when you feel really horny doesn’t it?

Well… I’ll admit I once drove 100 miles each way for a guy to masturbate me. Oh, and before you say I was being paid for it, I wasn’t. It was a free service, for a friend.

Normally there is a charge…just in case anyone is thinking of making a booking for my services. I’m available for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs etc. Please see my agent to book. Actually…I don’t have an agent so if anyone is available to manage my diary (and do other odd jobs such as towel washing and carrying my massage table) please do get in touch!

I have to let you know that this masturbation event wasn’t just a normal bit of fun with my friend. There was an extra interest for making this journey. Oh… and before we continue with my story there’s something I must do. I just need to substitute ‘Masturbation’ for ‘Wank’ in this post from now on, is that OK?. I hope you don’t mind me ‘cheating’ with the Z to A. I really don’t like the Masturbation word but it’s ideal for letter ‘M’ so I’m using it as the title of the post. However I’m using wank in the writing. We already had W (see W for Where) so I’m using M for wank which is a bit of a cheat but I hope you’ll let it go.

I’m not sure why I don’t like the M word, but I do know that I much prefer to use wank, it’s so much more fun. My prudish spellcheck apparently doesn’t like it so if you see bank, want or sank used incongruously in this piece hereafter then the spellcheck will have censored me… and I didn’t see it…..apologies.

OK the rant about the M word is over…let’s get back to my odyssey for a good wank. As I said already, this was no normal wank (what is a normal wank anyway?). On this occasion I was travelling to a session where I was to be the demonstration model at a cock massage event my friend was running.

The idea of the event is that an audience watches a demonstration of a range of different wank methods on a model as part of a sensual massage. Then the audience all get to put their learning into practice on each other while the model and masseur go around helping them with the practical. It’s a good concept, and one which I was keen to support, obviously.

Now my 100 mile journey starts to make more sense doesn’t it? My friend had told me about his plans for the ‘Masturbation Techniques Workshop’ (as it was titled) and suggested that I might like to be the demonstration model. He knows me well. I remember the conversation went something like;

My Friend: “I’m running a cock massage demonstration workshop for 20 guys next week. Do you fancy being the demonstration body? You just have to lay naked on the massage table while I use 20 different techniques to wank you

Me: “Ok“.

Doesn’t take much thinking about does it?

The day of the workshop arrived. I trimmed and prepared down there at home and then set off on the drive. The trouble with a 100 mile journey is that you have a lot of time to think about the session.

At the start of the journey I was imagining it all going well….I arrive, there’s a large audience of very attractive guys. I get instantly hard and then my mate demonstrates the 20 or so moves on me for half hour or so. At the finale I shoot a big cum fountain all over the place to loud applause from the enthusiastic audience. They demand an encore, which of course I manage after a brief refreshment break. My friend is delighted. The event is a big success.

However as the journey continues and the reality of the situation comes closer the scenario in my head begins to change. By the time I’m nearly at the destination the whole thing is going to be a disaster…I arrive, there’s 3 people in the audience. None of them are hot. I struggle to get hard and my friend has to substitute in a dildo for part of the demo (oh the shame of it….). He then desperately tries to bring me to ejaculation, becoming ever more frenzied in his technique as my soft cock refuses to respond. One guy in the audience falls asleep, the other two demand a refund.

This battle in my head between my horn and my self doubt persisted right up to the door of the location. I almost turned around at the entrance as the doubting voice in my head became stronger. Obviously my desire and intrigue was just slightly stronger than the voices of doubt in my head, and I walked into the room. In this situation my dick was doing most of the thinking……so what’s new?

How did it go? Dream scenario or nightmare? Well, as is normal with these things it was neither one nor the other.  The audience was appreciative (and with a smattering of hotties too), the demonstration went very well (my mate really is an expert masseur) and I rose to the occasion, stayed hard for the whole demonstration and managed to hold off shooting until the right moment. However there was no encore….I’m not 19 anymore. It was fun helping the audience to practice on each other and the whole workshop was successful.

We covered 20 or so different techniques in the workshop. There are of course many many more techniques than just the 20 we used and I saw the guys at the workshop use some of their own techniques as well as those they’d learned. I also see it in my work as a sensual masseur where I must have wanked hundreds of different guys, and quite a lot of females too. I say ‘wanked’ females… but going back to the wank / masturbate debate I think it feels more correct to use masturbate when it comes to females. You wank guys and you masturbate females…(if that’s your thing of course).

Some of the wank techniques work better on cut guys, and some are more suited to uncut guys. The common theme with guys is that the majority will get hard (unless there is an underlying medical condition that prevents it) after almost any type of stimulation on their cock or other erogenous areas. It’s impossible to do it wrong, only better.

In many instances arousal will happen quite quickly. Watching their response to the different techniques helps me to see which work best. If it’s not clear, sometimes I say to the guy “I love to see you wank” and then watch their technique so I know what gets them going. I can then copy this technique on them later in the massage and be sure that I’ll get a result… if you know what I mean.

In many instances with guys it’s important to slow down so that the arousal takes place over the duration of the massage. Many guys have become accustomed to rushing wanking and almost racing to climax. Sometimes this has been learned because of the stigma that has been unfortunately attached to masturbation and the fear of being caught, or just a simple lack of time. They get into the habit of “knocking one out quickly” which can be immediately satisfying but it’s often not as intense or pleasurable as an extended session done in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

With females it’s a very different situation. Almost all the female clients I have seen will generally take a longer time to reach climax than a guy. With guys it’s mostly just a physical reaction, caress their cock and there will be a result. With females it’s a lot more complicated. It’s important that they feel desired, safe and relaxed to reach climax. The arousal takes longer and is usually more a series of increases in intensity with plateaus or steps as they build to climax.

I mostly avoid any masturbation or direct touch of her clitoris until much later in the massage than I would with touching a guys cock. Once all the right conditions are in place, and she is ready then it’s possible to bring her to climax with clitoral stimulation although many times she will just enjoy the intimacy of a sensual massage without feeling the need to reach orgasm.

Common to both sexes however is that sensual massage is an opportunity to enjoy your body and immerse yourself in a seduction of erotic intimacy, which may build to a climax. An experienced and skilled sensual masseur will be able to discuss with you what you’d like to experience in the massage and will use a range of techniques and timing to help you reach your goal from the massage, whether that is an explosive climax or simply to help you explore your body and learn what it can do for you.

And of course if you book a sensual masseur to visit you in your home or hotel then you don’t need to drive 100 miles.






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