Watch and play

For many couples the fantasy of involving a third person into their sex lives remains just that, a nice fantasy. Perhaps the thrill of watching your partner enjoy the pleasure of another man’s body, or just trying out a threesome is something that is appealing but somehow out of reach?

Sometimes the concern about how the dynamic of a third person may affect the couple’s relationship or simply how to go about finding someone up for it can inhibit the fantasy from becoming a reality.

A solution to these concerns is to use a professional sensual masseur. The masseur will be able to talk to you about exactly what you want, and be able to deliver it. There’s no concerns about any unwanted dynamics and as long as both partners are happy with it then involving a professional masseur gives you the opportunity to safely explore your fantasy and make it real, with a professional and expert masseur to guide you both.

Couples who have considered this and decided to try it out regularly ask me to provide a sensual massage to one or both partners. As a bisexual I’m happy to massage both males and females. Sometimes this involves me massaging one partner while the other watches, sometimes we join and provide a sensual 4 hands massage to the other partner. It all just depends on what you both like. The session can develop entirely to your preferences to leave both of you completely relaxed and released, having fulfilled and explored your fantasy.

I recently met a lovely couple who wanted me to massage the female and then move to the bed while her male partner watched as the massage and erotic play unfolded. He was very happy and excited to see his partner have a relaxing and arousing massage on the table and then watch and assist her enjoy a long session of much more intimate and erotic play with me.

They enjoyed the session so much they asked if they could take some pictures on their phone to remember the occasion by. Of course I was fine with this for their personal use.

Afterwards they sent me a few and said I was fine to use them on my website. So if you’re thinking of exploring your fantasies and want to do so in a safe and rewarding way please do what my couple did and give me a call!

Here’s the picture my couple sent, taken by her partner, of us exploring each other’s body on the bed after the massage.

Give me a call if you’d like it to be you or your partner having the same experience!

Of course I do require both of you to be entirely in agreement to the session so I will need to obtain both partners consent and agreement to the session. I always discuss and agree boundaries before the session and at booking.

What do you think? Let me know.

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