Questions and answers about naked sensual massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sensual massage?

Well of course the best way to find out is to experience one. Words and pictures can only go so far in explaining what a sensual massage is. But let’s have a go at it….

…..Sensual massage is a body and mind experience. Your whole body will be massaged with a mix of Swedish style strokes and more sensual touches, with the masseur using not only their hands but other parts of their body, and some props to give you fantastic sensations and relaxation. The massage will build slowly taking you alternately to heights of pleasure, then deep  relaxation and building again, each time with increasing intensity and sensuality.  The masseur’s approach is one of care, integrity and desire to give the receiver an experience they will not forget.

Is this just for guys?

No, I see female clients as well as male clients, and sometimes both at the same time if a male/female couple wishes to experience a tandem massage, or perhaps one partner just wants to watch their partner enjoy a sensual massage and possibly join in. 

Do you do 4 hands massage?

Yes, I work with a number of male masseurs and female masseuses. 4 hands massage can be a very intense and erotic experience, with the different touch of each masseur working your body at the same time. Please ask me about this if you’re interested in a 4 hands massage using the Contact Me page.

Are you, the masseur naked?

Usually I start in shorts or pants, and remove them part way through the massage. If you prefer it I can be naked from the beginning or I can wear something you’d like me to wear.

Am I naked?

We will start with you on the table under a towel, which will be removed shortly after the start. Ideally you will be naked because every part of your body will be included in the massage (unless you specify an area to be avoided) however you may wear underwear or shorts if you wish. For the most sensual experience it us best for us both to be naked.

What if I get aroused?

Great! If you get aroused that’s the idea. Sensual massage is intended to result in you becoming aroused, and reaching climax, but whether or not that happens it should not affect your enjoyment of your massage as a deeply relaxing and feel-good experience.

May I touch you?

Yes you may interact with me as much or as little as you like. Sensual massage involves close body contact and intimate touch and interaction with me tends to happen naturally during the massage anyway.  Some people prefer to receive touch without having to give back and that is totally fine.

What happens before my massage?

When you arrive I will welcome you, offer you a drink and make you comfortable. You will have time to shower because cleanliness is important. Once you have showered and prepared we will have a short consultation about what you would like from your massage, any areas I should focus on, or avoid, whether you have any health conditions or allergies that I should be aware of, whether you’d like music played and any other requests. Please note that I will refuse to massage you if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs so please do not arrive whilst under the influence. After the consultation I will settle you on the massage table and we will begin your massage for the full booked time.

How long should I allow?

If you have booked an hours’ massage please arrive promptly at the agreed time. You should allow about an hour and half maximum for an hour massage, to give time to shower before and after, and for a short chat about the massage.

What oil do you use?

I use grapeseed oil which is odour free, and is excellent for your skin. Grapeseed oil contains vitamin E, protein and a high content of linoleic acid. It leaves your skin silky but without the grease.

I am not confident about my body to arrange a naked sensual massage, do you need to be fit and youthful to have a massage?

Absolutely not. Everyone regardless of age (18 +), size* or body shape can benefit from a naked sensual massage. You definitely don’t need to be a model. All are welcomed and treated with respect. Having a massage can be a liberating experience and give you confidence in your body.

If you have any health conditions such as heart conditions, skin disorders or epilepsy or suffer from fits then please discuss the suitability of the massage with me before making an appointment. *If you are classed as morbidly or severely obese then the massage is not suitable for you because of limitations on the size and weight of the massage table.

Is my privacy assured?

Absolutely.  I have worked with clients from all walks life. The confidentiality of my clients is paramount and I am totally discreet. If you are a high profile individual or require assurance about your privacy I am very happy to sign an NDA. In case of doubt all the pictures of me massaging that you see on my website are done with models.

Are you healthy?

Yes I do regular exercise, am physically fit and I take regular sexual health checks.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I can accept cash or credit card (please let me know when booking). I do not take deposits but would ask that if you need to cancel for any reason then you let me know as soon as possible.

Where is your Studio?

My studio is in Fitzrovia, very close to Soho. The closest tube station is Tottenham Court Road or Goodge Street. Both are about a 5 minute walk away. The studio is very discreet and secluded. 

Can you visit me?

Yes I can. I do out calls to central London hotels, or to airport hotels. There is a supplement for out calls, depending on the location. Please ask if you would like me to visit you. 

I’m not sure it’s for me because I’m very inexperienced with a guy. Can you re-assure me?

I do see clients who are completely new to sensual massage with another guy. You are not alone in having these concerns, it’s normal to be apprehensive if this is your first experience of naked sensual massage with a guy. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to do anything except lay back and enjoy the massage. Of course you are welcome to explore with me but it is entirely at your pace and comfort. Before the massage starts we can discuss any concerns you may have, what your expectations are and what you would like to experience. If you are nervous about talking about these things then we can just begin and let things flow naturally.  I am confident that during the massage you will become more relaxed and I shall be able to intuitively sense your preferences and requirements.

I would like extra things during the massage, is this OK?

The essence of what I do is sensual massage, but that can include a wide variety of different experiences.  Please don’t be shy or nervous about asking for anything you’d like to be incorporated into the massage. Extra things are fine. I have many years experience of massage and have probably heard and experienced most things by now and if it is something new then I’m usually up to try it in a massage setting (as long as it’s safe and legal). As I said elsewhere, drugs and alcohol are not suitable for massage so I would exclude anything that involves drugs or alcohol. Please don’t ask or expect to use any drugs (poppers are ok) during your session. If your request is something I’m not able to accommodate or comfortable with then I’ll just politely decline, or suggest an alternative, but please do ask me!



No Shows

I don’t take deposits and will accept cancellations if you genuinely can’t make your appointment. However if you book and then fail to show up without informing me beforehand I will not accept any future bookings from you.

Out Calls To Your Hotel

If you book for me to visit your hotel and you are a new client I may call the hotel to confirm your room number.


Please don’t ask for a discount or special price. My rates are non negotiable. If you can’t afford my rates then there are plenty of other masseurs who are cheaper so please try them and see what you get.


I never use them and I expect that you will not be under the influence during your appointment. 

Full body to body massage.