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A is for Ask Me Anything (Part 2)

Hello, I thought that as we’d got the end of the Z to A alphabet then perhaps we could start on the Greek one….Alpha, Beta, Gamma through to Omega? 

However on reflection I think we don’t want to hear any more of the Greek alphabet at the moment do we? I’m sure you’ve had enough of Delta and the Omicrons messing up our lives.

Good name for a band though isn’t it? Playing tonight…Delta and the Omicrons with all their top hits: ‘Lockdown Blues’, ‘Pandemic Pandemonium’ and their latest track that’s gone viral ‘Why Why Why Corona?”.

Hmmm….. enough of that kind of thing, let’s get back to my Z to A. Because you have been great and sent me lots of questions for me to answer, we are still on A for Ask Me Anything.

Someone asked me “Who’s your favourite partner to make massage porn with?”. Whoever you are….have you been watching my movies?  I make art not porn! It’s all done with exquisite taste, sympathetic lighting and plenty of curious angles showing oiled naked physiques inserting body parts into assorted holes on, under and over a massage table. Oil is poured and cum is squirted. The dialogue might be limited but the screenplay says ‘this is high end art porn – play it at your dinner party’.

Anyway, who is my favourite partner for filming such porn art? Let’s talk about that because I like all my partners but some are memorable. I shall pick a memorable one for you…

I live by the country, it’s half hour by train to central London (convenient for work) and a 10 minute drive in the other direction takes me to rural villages with winding lanes (if you’re Irish – think of a boreen) and shaded woods. The sort of arcadia where Beethoven’s 6th ‘Pastoral’ symphony ought to accompany you as you stroll under the canopy of trees.

An unexpected benefit of Delta and the Omicrons touring the country (so to speak) and locking us down has been the opportunity to walk, in solitude down these lanes and explore the random paths of the landscape around my home.

I don’t listen to Beethoven on those walks. I found podcasts….so I listen to those instead. They’re educational. Some are about history, some are current affairs, some are about sex and sexuality. That sort of thing.

Last summer I was immersed in a podcast about the Great War as I walked down a quiet path at the edge of a wood near my home. The sun was high, the air was still and I could feel the warmth on my back, even under the shade of the trees.

As I walked I noticed, at the side of the path, next to the undergrowth sat a bunny. The bunny was probably only a few months old, small and fluffy.

I was almost next to it by the time I saw him, or her (I didn’t ask it’s choice of personal pronoun). I guess the bunny hadn’t noticed me coming or it would have run. Now as I was upon it, the bunny was frozen still, and so was I.

We stood there, staring at each other. The bunny rigid with fear I guess, me static in surprise, and in wonder at how cute it was.

Engrossed in my podcast I hadn’t been paying attention to what was happening around me and had inadvertently ended up surprising him (let’s assuming it’s a he).

I wonder why he didn’t notice me coming? Maybe he was still too young be afraid, or perhaps he was listening to his own podcast….I didn’t see any earbuds on him… but have you seen how big their ears are? Anything could be in there.

I like to think the bunnies have technology and stuff. They seem to have life sorted don’t they. Eating all day and having loads of sex, so why shouldn’t they have all their tech kit etc sorted down there in their warren, out of sight of the humans?

Slowly I crouched down to get a closer look at bunny. He was in silhouette to me and watching me intently with one eye. It seemed like we observed each other for ages. I couldn’t look away, and nor could he.

Something elemental connected us as we gazed at each other. “Hello little fella” I said, which must have startled him because he then shot off into the undergrowth, back to the warren to tell his friends all about our encounter, and probably post it on bunny Facebook or whatever they have.

My bunny encounter reminded me of a time when I was filming a sensual massage movie for the site called You may be familiar with it.

I’ve done quite a lot of movies on that site. You don’t always know who you’re filming with when you turn up on the day. Sometimes it’s other professional masseurs, sometimes it’s just random guys who want to be in a  movie.

It’s all amateur soft porn showing real guys (as in not professional porn actors). I did these movies mainly to promote my massage work (and of course because I like making movies).

On this occasion we’re filming a couple of movies in the session. I’m supposed to be in the second one but I’m there for the whole filming session.

It’s good to watch the other guys perform, and just in case someone doesn’t show up for the first session I can step in and be in that one as well, like as an understudy (it’s easy, there’s no lines to learn is there…).

The plan was for two guys to do the first movie, and then me and a fourth guy to do the second, with one or both of the first two joining in if they were able to stay (and presumably if they were still horny?).

Filming takes place in an apartment so it’s very comfortable. I was sitting on the couch, naked except for a dressing gown chatting with the first guy who was naked and sitting on the massage table ready to film. His filming partner hadn’t turned up yet so I was kind of hoping I’d have to stand in. My filming partner was in the shower.

For discretion I’m going to change the names of the performers so let’s call the guy we were waiting for ‘Dan’. And let’s call the guy sitting on the table Amar. And the guy I’m due to film with later on we shall call Simon.

OK got all that? Scene 1 Amar and Dan. Scene 2 Simon and Jamie (plus whoever wanted to join us). We’re all set, except Dan has messaged the guy who’s running the session to say he’ll be 5 minutes late. So we chat and wait for Dan while the director guy gets the camera and lights ready.

Oh sorry, I didn’t yet introduce you to the director guy, let’s call him Richard. He’s the director / camera guy / producer etc. He makes it all happen, and he’s a perfect host. So it’s a nice relaxed and fun session.

Then Dan turns up. At first I don’t see him, I’m facing away from the door and talking to Amar. I hear Richard say “Dan, this is Jamie”. I turn to say hello…and it’s a bunny situation. 

The world stops and me and Dan just exchange a look. I start to say something but I’m not sure what comes out of my mouth. All I can do is look into Dan’s’ eyes, and it seems all he can do is look into mine. 

We’re both motionless, staring at each other, transfixed for almost for too long before we realise there’s others in the room, and the social niceties of introductions can continue.

As Dan got undressed for his session we kept exchanging glances and grins. There was a chemistry and I could tell that we were going to shoot an awesome scene, if indeed we were to be paired together.

However the plans were set, Dan was performing with Amar and then I would work with Simon who was now out of the shower and sitting next to me with a towel around his waist. I had no worries about massaging Simon, he seemed nice and looked good, but I knew that if I worked with Dan the movie would be special. I could see that Dan knew it too.

The Dan/Amar film started. Watching them (actually watching Dan mostly), I couldn’t hide my arousal and tried very hard not to join in. My main anxiety though was whether Dan would deliver the money shot so to speak or would it be Amar, or both?

You’d need to be oblivious to not have noticed that Dan and me were keen on each other. Richard is a keen observer anyway, and had seen our attraction the moment Dan entered the room. 

Richard choreographed the Dan/Amar movie to a nice conclusion with Amar providing the required finale under Dan’s expert hands, saving Dan for another session. Good!….now Dan could join in with me and Simon.

“Ok let’s have a quick break then get Simon on the table for Jamie to massage, and maybe you’d like to join after a few minutes and make it a 4 hands Dan?” said Richard as he changed the table towels. Dan immediately agreed and so our session was set. It was going to be fun…

Simon got a decent massage in the circumstances. I’ve been on the table receiving a 4 hands and it’s not actually as good as a single masseur in my opinion. The masseurs focus on the person on the table and it can feel like there’s too much going on (at least it does to me when I’m receiving a 4 hands… I prefer 2 hands).

However on this occasion it was difficult to not spend most of my time interacting with Dan, and him with me. We didn’t overlook Simon but perhaps he got less attention that might have otherwise been the case. Words can’t do justice to the film so I won’t try and describe what happened. I’ll just say we all had a very happy ending.

I filmed more times with Dan both for the Sensualmassagemovies site and for my own productions. He’s a great performer, and more importantly he’s a lovely guy and is now a good friend. He went on to win Prowler awards as a porn actor, under the name Alon Kemey.

So my answer to your question is Alon is one of my favourites because that first meeting with him was so memorable…just like my serendipitous meeting with bunny on that summers day.

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The answer was no surprise to me, I must admit. Yes, I plea guilty in watching your movies too often. But what a great build-up of this “A”! Where will this end you think, when reading your encounter with the rabbit. Thanks Jamie, enjoyed it again.

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