Z to A of Sensual Massage

F is for Feet

Hello, I want you to walk on my naked body with your bare feet. I want to feel the exquisite press of your feet on my back as I lay before you. I want to feel your feet rubbing against my thighs, and to bear the hard roundness of your heels when they press into my butt cheeks.

I ask you to walk, so very slowly inch your way up to the top of my back. And when you eventually reach my shoulders, you’ll pause to allow me to take your full weight through one foot at a time. Shifting your weight from leg to leg I want you to squeeze your big toe over my shoulder blade each side.

Then I want you to stand either side of my head where I will turn my face and lick your toes and kiss your ankles. As you stand at my head I’ll see, smell and taste you. When I turn over onto my back I want you to rub my cock with your oiled up soles, and then by grinding and squeezing my erect hard cock between your feet you will bring me close to the edge of climax.

I must worship your feet throughout the massage…. and one important thing, please don’t wash your feet before we start. I want them fresh out of your socks, the long red socks. I have dreamt of this for ages, I’m desperate to make it real. Is this possible for me please, and what’s the price?

Welcome to instalment F of the Z to A of Sensual Massage. I assume you have guessed from the message above that F is for Feet (or I suppose it could also be for Fetish). Feet or Fetish, you choose.

That long message that I received does make a change from “hi, fuck me now” which is the kind of message I sometimes get at 3am on a Saturday morning from prospective clients. Those messages get ignored.

This message however wasn’t ignored. How could I ignore such a detailed and, I have to say quite unusual wish list, or as it’s probably more accurately described an order of service. I don’t often get such detailed requests for a massage, let alone a rather niche massage such as that which my guy had requested.

This request appeared to be from a new client. I read it again to make sure it was definitely for me. Yes, it was completed using the contact form from my website, it’s definitely for me.

I sat back to consider the request. First….is this possible?Anything is possibleI told myself. It’s a maxim I like to espouse when in doubt. Yes, anything is possible, but is it practical? Could I walk up someone’s back inch by inch without breaking their ribs? Would I slip off given that massage is oily? Can I stand with my weight on one leg and wiggle my big toe? Yes I can as it turns out, I can do that….(you just stood on one leg and wiggled your toe didn’t you?). Is it actually possible to make someone reach orgasm by wanking them with your feet? So many questions…

I’ve used many parts of my body on cocks, with very successful outcomes most of the time but never yet used my feet to ‘finish him off’. Probably the best way is to sit between his legs, facing him and use the soles of my feet to wank his cock. I’d need to use oil or lube. I started to wonder whether he was cut or not, and how big it was since these would influence my technique. I was slowly building the choreography of this specialist massage to enable me to answer his “is this possible” question with a ‘yes’.

The question for me though, even if it is possible, is “do I really want to do this”? Can I get into having a guy worship my feet during the massage? Feet never do it for me, they’re not a turn on. I’m not against them, they have their place in the list of sexy bits of the body…but that place for me is quite low down, appropriately I guess.

I do like massaging feet because I know it feels nice having your feet massaged but my cock isn’t swelling at the thought of a nice pair of size 11’s with strong arches….do you know what I mean?

There’s some things I just can’t ‘get’; modern art, jazz music and people who get turned on by feet. Call me a philistine (that’s F for Philistine OK?) but I don’t get most of the modern art. You know the sort of thing I mean….a pile of random stuff with the title “a study of consumerism” or some paint splashes that seem to be done by kid in nursery school. I don’t get that stuff and I don’t get turned on by feet. That’s just the way it is…

Some people find feet really sexy. They suck the toes, they kiss the ankle, they fetishize the foot. And that’s what it is really, it’s a fetish. In the same way any sort of fetish develops, it’s an association that was formed in childhood usually, and it made such an impression that it has stuck. So it’s not the foot that’s sexy as such, it’s the association of the foot with the intense situation from the past that triggers the sexual desire. In that sense I totally understand his request, and so the question for me is can I help this guy with his dream?

I do know that I don’t like my own feet. If I’m doing a massage filming session then I’m self- conscious about only one thing, my feet. It’s why I try to wear socks if I’m doing a movie. I just feel more comfortable with my feet covered up. The rest of me being naked is fine….just don’t show the feet! They’re size 11 by the way, in case you were wondering. Perhaps that suggestion that feet size and cock size are correlated may be true?

But now I’m being asked to use my feet as an integral part of the massage. It’s definitely a challenge for me and I need to go back to the client with an answer, but I don’t know what to say.

I needed advice, so I talked to a friend who does similar work to me. He’s more of an escort I guess but it’s not a lot different to doing sensual massage. He’s usually got good advice. Our conversation went something like this:

Me “I got a request for a foot massage….(and I show him the e-mail…which he reads impassively).

Escort Friend (EF) “take it, what’s the problem?”

Me “not sure I can do it. I’m not into feet”

EF “does that matter? Quote £500, see what goes”

Me “is that what you’d charge?”

EF “yes, fuck included”

Me “I don’t think he wants that, just a foot massage with a foot wank ending”

EF “still £500” (My friend is fairly laconic).

Me “you’re not helping! I need advice, I can’t charge £500 especially if it becomes a poor foot massage because I can’t get into it”

EF “you always get into it” 


I should add here that I’ve done sessions with my escort friend for clients who wanted two guys and he knows me well, I do always get into it but this one seemed different. Maybe it was the intensity of the request, maybe the detail, maybe my dislike of my feet. But this one was making me doubt I could do it.

Our conversation continued:

EF “you got into the piss massage didn’t you” [see the Post K is for Kinky]

Me “it was hot”

EF “piss is always hot”

Me “well warm actually…”

EF “smart arse….give him to me, I’ll do it”

Me “no he specifically wants me, plus you’re a bottom”

EF “so he wants fucking?”

Me “no he didn’t ask for anything like that, but if he does you can’t do that can you?”

EF “I can if the price is right”

Me “OK I decided, I’ll do it but I’ll tell him it’s not my usual area of expertise so it might be a bit experimental”

EF “that’s lame, just say yes and tell him the rate”

Me “OK, yes I guess so, thanks”


Sometimes it’s good to get a bit of perspective, even if your mate is a bit blasé about the situation. He put it into perspective for me; I’m just making my client’s wish come real and if I can do that in other situations then why not this one? 

I guess you’d like to hear how it went wouldn’t you? Did I slip off him as I walked slowly up his body and end up with a sprained ankle? Did he really want a foot wank and what were the positions that enabled that? Did he lick my feet as I stood at his head? Did I even manage to take my socks off? Maybe I bottled it and passed him onto my friend to fulfil the role?

Well, I did go back to the client, with: “Hello, yes I’d love to do all that for you, no problem at all. [Edit. – that’s not true is it?] An hour will be £140, 90 minutes £190 at my studio, outcall rates may be higher depending on your location. Let me know where and when you’re looking for and I’ll confirm the booking”.

Then… nothing came back….I had no response. He just disappeared. All that debate and over-thinking for nothing! He didn’t even reply and say it’s too expensive or that he’d changed his mind. There was simply no response. And do you know what?….I was rather disappointed.

Next letter in the Z to A of Sensual Massage is E. I’m thinking it will possibly be E for Etiquette. Including how to book, what to do before and at your appointment and, if my foot massage client is reading, how to let your masseur know that you didn’t want to proceed.

What do you think? Let me know.

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