Jim, April ’21

I visited Jamie today in his studio in Fitzrovia.I was warmly welcomed (even though I was 10 minutes late). Was offered shower facilities, before and after my massage. The massage, let me tell you, was spot on, you could tell Jamie knew the ins and outs of a guy’s body. I was expertly massaged with little whispers of “you ok?” etc. All the time making sure I was comfortable and happy with my experience, which of course I was. I will certainly be visiting again. The sooner the better in fact. Thanks Jamie, you invigorated my whole body. Do you know I walked from your studio all the way through Soho and onto the Embankment, where I caught my train home. I was so relaxed, even after my walk, I had trouble keeping my eyes open on my journey home. I am more than happy for you to publish my comments.