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V is for Vocal

You’ve probably done those quizzes on-line which put you into two camps, you know the ones; toilet seat up or down?, pineapple on pizza OK or not OK?, spit or swallow (come on… this is a naughty blog isn’t it?). Now I have a new one for you. In my experience there are two types of people on a massage table….the quiet ones and the not quiet ones. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, there’s a few averagely noisy people in the middle I guess. However mostly from what I’ve seen…and heard… it’s very binary, you’re either vocal or you’re not. Which one are you? Don’t worry, there’s no ‘right and wrong’ answer. In this blog for letter V I’ll share some of my experiences and thoughts on being vocal on the table. So…please tell me, what side did you pick?

Steamy Talk

Yay! Good choice. You picked what makes you relaxed and happy didn’t you? That’s the best choice for your sensual massage. If you’re comfortable then you’ll probably have a better time. Feel happier talking? Go ahead and chat, make noises, groan and moan. Prefer silence? That’s cool, stay quiet and focus on your breath, enjoy the music. Oh listen…I can hear the music starting…….

His naked body lays prone on my table, music fills the room like heat spreading from an open fire as I drape a warm towel from his shoulders to his calves. Standing at his side I lean over the table, pressing my forearms firmly on his back. Slowly, I separate my arms, the left following the curve of his lower back to the top of his butt, the right pushing up towards his uncovered neck. The towel pulls tight between my arms as I bring my chest down into the gap, leaning on him, our bodies close, our breathing deep.  My right hand gently traces across the back of his neck, caressing his hairline with my finger nails. At the same time my left hand brushes across his towel covered glutes, briefly lingering and pressing between his cheeks. He squirms with pleasure, his legs parting slightly. The sensual massage spell is being created. The air latent with erotic intent. The senses heightened in anticipation. As I lift my body to begin massaging his head I hear someone say “have you been busy today?”. It’s so unexpected I couldn’t work out for a moment where the voice had come from, was it the music?. Then I realise it’s my client talking. I didn’t expect he wanted to chat….it threw me for a few seconds…what part of the body was I doing next? ….“No it’s been quiet, you’re the only person today” I reply, adding quickly “how’s the pressure?”. 

I carried on with the massage and we chatted about stuff, the weather, work, food (it’s amazing how hungry you can get while being massaged). We were at the start of the massage and so things hadn’t yet got so… y’know erotic. I learned that my guy hadn’t had a sensual massage from a male masseur before (or done much with guys at all) and he was very nervous indeed. The chat was a way of reducing his anxiety and making the situation feel more ‘normal’ just like two guys chatting over a drink in a pub. He wanted to explore his sexuality in a safe and unthreatening way so a massage, which had the potential to become more sexy or just stay as a massage depending on how he felt, was the best way to do that. We took things very slowly and he was able to relax into the massage and enjoy the intimacy with a guy without the pressure to do anything in return so to speak. As he became more relaxed he was able to talk more openly about what he wanted, and what he liked so we explored further. In those situations it’s good to talk throughout the massage and of course as things develop the discussion may naturally become more open and pertinent. In many ways it’s preferable to have such discussions before the massage but with time pressures and understandable reticence to talk so openly this isn’t always possible.

It’s not always anxiety that prompts clients to talk. Let’s say you do a job that doesn’t have much opportunity to talk to people. Maybe you just don’t get many conversations in your usual day. You enjoy a sensual massage to relax, you want some physical contact but it’s also important to you to talk with someone. Chatting to your masseur in those situations is an essential part of the experience for you. On the other hand you may have a very social job taking to people all day. The massage is then a chance to switch off from all that talk. To not articulate anything but simply soak in silence.

Overall I think that most guys I see are quiet and it is generally a male thing to not be especially vocal during massage or on reaching orgasm. A few groans and mmmmm’s perhaps but it’s rare to have someone make loud noises. With female clients I notice it’s very different. They are much more vocal especially when highly aroused and at the point of climax. Occasionally to the point where they are really quite loud and anyone in an adjacent room would be concerned at what’s going on. I recall seeing a female client in her hotel and she became very vocal and loud during the massage. I’m sure people passing in the corridor were tempted to press their ear to the door. When we talked afterwards she had little idea of what she’d said and how loud she was.

There is a biological reason for this difference between the sexes which I won’t go into here because of space but it’s good to be aware of the different motivations and reactions. Most of the communication in a sensual massage is done via touch (which is often lacking in our society) and visually, but it’s important also not to overlook the role that verbal communication plays in a massage, especially for females. Even if it’s just to ask “how’s the pressure?”.


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