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U is for Undress

It’s amazing how many words we use today that were invented by Shakespeare. Undress is one of them. It was first used in The Taming Of The Shrew in around 1590. Unfortunately the context wasn’t for a massage but it’s a great word to invent. I like the word a lot, it carries so much anticipation. Let’s undress….

Keeping some clothes on for now…

Normal spa style massage starts when you’re undressed (or as far as you’re allowed to go these days, you keep your underwear on throughout usually). However you don’t need to be undressed to enjoy the sight, smell, sound and taste of a sensual massage. All your senses are involved as you are slowly undressed by your masseur. Perhaps you will hear the breathing of your masseur, or their whispers in your ear. Their scent may tease your nose or you might taste their lips, fingers or ahem…other body parts. The act of undressing can be an integral part of the massage. If you have time it’s great to start with mutual undressing before you move to the table naked. I’m imagining Shakespeare writing about massaging his lover, starting with undressing. How might he have described the experience? Maybe with a Sonnet….

That he may feel my touch should be undressed?
His garb throws up for me some kind of bar.
Where cloth does but conceal his gentle breast,
Deft hands may not see through; my touch may jar.
And where his frame retains the full attire
No naked skin shall tap an artful palm.
How will I fill his eyes with warm desire?
With touch that swells his loins from state of calm.
Will softly whisper in his gentle ear 
And part his lips so sweet to taste my soul
Undress him with my words and wipe a tear
With hands that heal his hurt and make him whole
With every sense, he’ll feel my passion swell
While in my hands his heart forever dwell

I usually start with my massage client naked on the table, under a nice warm fluffy towel. Often I’m naked at the start too, most people seem to like that. Otherwise it can be good to start in shorts, speedos, pants or, it has been known… a wrestling singlet. Starting the massage partially clothed can add to the sense of anticipation and excitement. You may feel the touch of fabric against your hand as I massage you. Then, without you being aware I’d removed the clothing you may later feel my naked flesh brush your hand. There’s something raw and egalitarian about us both being naked. Once the oil is applied it really is best to be naked; massage oil can be a devil to get out of your clothes.

Sometimes the massage starts, as Shakespeare’s sonnet describes, with my client fully clothed. How does this work? In my experience can work really well if the undressing is done expertly. It does takes a bit of practice. I remember one guy I saw wanted to start like this, with both of us fully clothed. I blindfolded him. Here’s a tip – always have a blindfold ready, they’re great to heighten the other senses once sight is disabled. I use those free blindfolds you get if you travel up front on an airplane. I’m assuming you only travel in the premium cabin so you know what I mean, or if you happen to end up in economy due to some awful booking error, that you make friends with the crew and get a free goody bag (and their phone number). Once he had the blindfold on I started gently touching his face and head, lightly running my hands over his clothed body and whispering in his ear about what would happen in the massage. A nice erotic atmosphere was building. Some clothing can be removed relatively easily, with elegance and panache, but there are some where it’s almost impossible to get them off in a sexy way. This guy had them all….fiddly shirt buttons, too many layers, jeans so tight that I had to pull desperately to get them over his calves (delicious calves by the way). That was once I’d worked out how to undo his belt…Another tip, do the belt and trouser buttons from behind, it’s familiar to do, and you can press your groin close from behind. Everything else was off, only his socks remained, and the atmosphere was still sexy. I tried to lift his leg, to remove the first sock. It’s surprising how long it takes to get a sock off, and evidently my guy’s balance on one leg (admittedly he was still blindfolded) wasn’t long enough unfortunately. He toppled over and luckily the massage table was there to break his fall. All the erotic tension disappeared in giggles as he lifted off the blindfold bent naked over the table with one sock on and one off. All I could say was “Ok mate, hop on and we’ll begin”.

Another time, having perfected all the clothing removal techniques I’d got my guy naked, aroused and ready to lay on the table. The socks were safely off and his clothes lay on the floor around his naked body. I slowly lifted the blindfold to guide him to the table. As I did this he looked down at his clothes strewn all over the floor and said “oh, I’ll just tidy these up” and for the next few minutes he neatly folded his clothes and put them on the chair while I stood there fiddling with the blindfold. Some people can’t stand a mess, even if there’s a massage waiting for them. He was happy once his clothes were neatly folded away but it did kind of interrupt the flow. Another tip…..if he’s obsessive about order don’t remove the blindfold until he’s prone on the table. Back to the Bard….

As well as all the lovely words Shakespeare has given us, like Undress, he’s also given us wonderful sonnets, many of which he addressed to a young man, so I chose to do the same with my attempt. There’s structure, rhythm and pattern to a sonnet that rather than confining you actually gives give you freedom to be creative with the words and the sentiment within the structure. In writing it I noticed that delivering a sensual massage can be similar. There’s a structure, rhythm and pattern to a massage (including undressing at the start) that enables the masseur to be creative in the delivery and sensuality of it. That’s my take on it anyway. Is that metaphor too much? Ok, hop on and we’ll begin.

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