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X is for X Rated

X got me thinking about the days when adult movies had an X rating awarded by the film classification authorities. What a great job that would be, watching all the movies to decide if they’re naughty enough for an X. I wonder where the line is between X and ‘not X’? A downward hanging semi is ok but if he goes beyond horizontal it’s an X? Tough job. The X rating has long gone now. Different classifications are used these days and generally I think that things have become much less restrictive. However it seems that the ‘X’ prefix is still used to signify there’s going to be hot action on view. I’m thinking of things like the site which hosts professional and amateur porn.

Thats X rated

When I browse through Xtube there’s all sorts of different themes for almost every taste. Whatever porn you like is available; into Latino cross dressers fucking in public? No problem it’s there for you. Someone somewhere is creating it and someone somewhere is watching it. We’re all voyeurs or exhibitionists now, and some are both depending on their mood. The exhibitionists are making porn and posting it, the voyeurs are consuming it and the tube sites and similar have given everyone the ability to reach an audience. That’s fantastic.

An even better job than the deciding the X rating on films is the job of being in or making pornos. I’ve not done any porn professionally but have done loads of amateur shoots that are available online. In case you hadn’t already worked that out …I love performing on camera, or for an audience. Most of the sexy movies I’ve done are massage themed porn. Some of it is on Xtube but most of what I’ve been in is on a great site called I can’t now remember how I found out about the sensual massage movies site and the possibility of performing but somehow I’ve ended up doing dozens of them. No idea how that happened…However I can remember going along first time to the filming location (a cool riverside apartment) and feeling scared but horny. I’d applied on line and sent in some pictures and stats, expecting to hear nothing back because I’d convinced myself I wouldn’t be suitable. Then, after an exchange of texts with the guy from the site I found myself standing outside the apartment with a semi in my pants nervously hesitating to ring the bell…

I pressed the bell and …around two hours later I’d had a great massage and shot a cum everywhere as I knelt on the table while the fit masseur expertly worked my cock to orgasm. The whole session was filmed by the cameraman which really turned me on, especially because he was hot too. I’d been fretting about whether I’d be able to get hard on cue and to make the ‘money shot’ as it’s supposedly called once the camera was running. No chance, even before the camera was on I was hard. It was quite difficult to lay face down on the massage table. And when the camera guy said go for the money shot I managed to hit the cue. It must be an exhibitionist thing because I’ve done dozens of movies now and never had trouble getting hard or shooting at the right time.

Making the massage movie is how I got into being a masseur but that’s a different story for a different letter. Now when I’m making X rated massage movies I’m usually the the masseur rather than the recipient. Although as the movie progresses the roles of masseur and massaged tend to blur because they become very interactive. In my work as a masseur I never make any movies with clients who book a massage. Client bookings are totally private and discreet. I can’t be thinking about camera angles and lighting etc while concentrating on a client’s massage. However I do film with volunteers who are keen to be in a movie (with or without showing their face). These movies are shot at a different location to my client massage studio because we can set up studio lights and different camera positions at the filming location. It keeps things separate.

I think X rated massage movies are definitely a sought after genre of porn. Everyone who’s been for a massage in a spa or hotel has fantasied about the masseur going a bit further than usual haven’t they? A decent X massage movie starts out like a spa massage and builds up to X rated action just like you fantasied about at your last spa massage. Maybe if you’ve enjoyed watching a massage movie you might also want to volunteer to be in one yourself? If the thought of that just caused a stirring down there then I think that might be your answer. Ask me for the details. It can be arranged. Jamie X

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I like watching sexy massage videos too and a blow job is always nice but what I really like is being kissed or licked on the neck. This often seems more intimate to me than sex.

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