Sensual Massage Body Parts

Sensual Massage Body Parts

Body Parts - Hands

Last year in 2022 my Z to A of Sensual Massage blog theme inexorably found its way to A, where it ended happily, which is the only way a sensual massage blog could end isn’t it? All 26 instalments (actually a few more because I had lots to say about a few letters) are now published. Now it’s time for a new blog theme.


Somewhere in London there’s an apartment. Somewhere in that apartment there’s a feature. I’d like to take you there, not physically of course, but shall we go there in our imagination?

Imagine an apartment (one of a number of apartments) that has been converted from a large warehouse type building into a residential unit. Imagine rooms with large open spaces, high ceilings, white walls, exposed steel and brick. That kind of thing. You have the picture?

OK now let me add that it appears that the design challenge of this apartment conversion was that only one side of the apartment has any windows. Three of the walls are internal to the building. Also, because of the proximity of the adjacent buildings all of the windows in the external side to the apartment are of frosted glass. Light can come in, but there’s no views into or out of any of the windows.

Did I say that this apartment is over two floors? Maybe you were already imagining that….downstairs there’s a spacious lounge / kitchen with a double height ceiling. There’s couches, feature plants and a pool table.

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms arranged on a mezzanine floor on the ‘internal’ windowless side of the building. Because of this positioning all the bedrooms only have internal windows which borrow natural light from the lounge. There’s an en-suite to the main bedroom and a further bathroom. It’s loft style living, open, light and airy, and yet somehow cave like. I wouldn’t choose to live there; who wants to live without a view of outside?

Let’s get our imagination going in a more exciting direction. Imagine there’s a sex party at the apartment. The lights are warm and soft, hypnotic music fills every corner of the apartment, carrying with it the insistent scent of licentious abandon. Imagine naked couples and groups playing together in all corners of the lounge. See someone bent over the pool table, legs invitingly splayed…with a queue of guys behind, chalking up their cues.

Now upstairs you glimpse through the bedroom door a group on the bed… their arms, legs and torsos twisted together in a sweaty knot of intimate bodily exploration. Do you notice the athletic pair coupling acrobatically in one of the bedroom windows for the entertainment of the crowd in the lounge below? Ah, sorry! Perhaps this visualisation is a becoming a little too er…real? Do you need 5 minutes?


OK, sorry about that… all cleaned up? I’ll keep the imagery a little more prosaic from here on. Yes, this apartment is ideal for a sex party. Which is actually exactly the reason why a ‘high end sex party’ organisation had rented the apartment for a year. They intended to host some commercial sex parties You know the kind of party, dress provocatively, behave hedonistically, have fun. Sounds fabulous doesn’t it? What could possibly go wrong?

Now I ask you to imagine you live in the apartment next door (don’t worry, this imaginary excursion is ‘safe for work’). Imagine you are having a nice quiet cup of tea before bed. You hear what sounds like a party happening at your new neighbours. Neighbours who you’ve not yet seen. You pull on your dressing gown and peep out of your front door.

The communal hall way is busy with guests arriving next door. Some of them mistakenly approach your door, in the belief that the party is at yours… “Hi, it’s Jane and Nick, here’s our tickets, we’re so excited, we’ve never been to a sex party before”…….. “oh, sorry, is this not number 8?….. “the next door down the hall is it?…. ok thank you, and sorry to disturb you?”.

You finish your tea and go to bed, but you can’t sleep because the noise and disruption continues into the early morning, and to make things worse…Nick looked quite hot, and you weren’t invited. Other people have been having fun and you’re weren’t.

What do you do? Well….this is England, and other people’s enjoyment is your misery so you write a letter of complaint to the landlord. The tactic works and the parties stop. Your neighbours should have invited you, shouldn’t they?

The Sex Party Organisation were therefore stuck with an apartment for the best part of a year with no way of recovering the cost of the rent. So, they had a change of plan.  A couple of their employees were given the opportunity to live in the apartment, using two of the bedrooms, and the main bedroom was assigned as a massage studio, for use by one of the people in residence, and by other vetted visiting masseurs who could hire the space as required. This is how I came to use the room for my massages. Next best thing to attending one of the sex parties I guess….

The bedroom was fabulous as a massage studio. There was plenty of space for the massage table, in fact you could fit 6 tables in there and still have space to move around them.

There was a comfortable sofa bed if your client wanted to move to somewhere a little more intimate, and the en-suite enabled clients to shower before their massage. Of course, one had to close the curtains on the window to the lounge… but otherwise the room and access to it was quite self-contained from the rest of the apartment. It was ideal and I used it to see clients for the year it was available to me.

It was in this massage studio that I saw a client called Mike. Some clients know what they want and can ask for it. They are easy to serve. Other clients aren’t sure what they want and they find it difficult to ask. This hesitant type of client asks many questions before they commit to booking a massage. Mike was the hesitant type.

Mike texts me ‘Hello Jamie, how are you?” (although at this point he’s just a phone number because I don’t know his name yet – he’s found my advert I guess…).

This kind of text is ok but it usually means it will take the client a while to get to the point. I’m already sensing he’s likely to be a hesitant client but I decide to go with it, and text back: “Fine thanks, how are you?”. Mike responds with ‘I saw your website’.

How do I respond to that? I leave it…. maybe he pressed send before finishing the sentence…. but nothing else comes. He’s definitely a hesitant client (or someone trying to sell me website services?). I reply ‘I hope you liked it, how may I help?’. Mike texts ‘Yes, a lot’.

Ugh, ok now this is getting difficult. I just reply with ‘Good!’ and leave it at that. I don’t really have time to make the running in this conversation, nor the inclination. A few days pass and I forget about it.

Then Mike texts again ‘Hello Jamie, how are you?’. I reply ‘You are engaging with HAL, Jamie’s chatbot, how may I help you today. Press 1 for massage services, 2 for availability, 3 to ….’ Actually, no I don’t do that… but I think I need a chatbot to handle some enquiries, and it would definitely be called HAL. To save you the grief of reading all the banal chat exchange with Mike, eventually he gets to asking me for a massage, and a session is scheduled.


Hello Jamie, how are you?” says Mike as I answer the door at my aforementioned massage studio. “Hi Mike, I’m HAL Jamie’s massage bot, I will be massaging you today……” No! sorry, that was tempting again but let’s be serious….. “Hi Mike” I say “I’m good thanks, great to meet you, do come in, it’s through here…” and I guide him through to the massage room.

I’d guess Mike is in his early 60’s and while he’s showering I think about what he might be looking for. In all the texts we’d had he had never really stated what he wanted. He’d just asked me lots of questions about practicalities like shower arrangements, massage oil, what he should wear, and that he wasn’t muscular and did that matter? (‘Yes there’s a shower, I use Grapeseed Oil, wear nothing….and no, it doesn’t matter that you’re not muscular’).

After he’s showered I start by asking if he has any injuries….and he tells me there are none. He looks anxious. I ask him if he’s comfortable for me to go anywhere during the massage….I say  ‘head…feet…and everywhere in between?’ Mike nods ok. I ask him if he has any questions or requests for me. He says he has no questions but admits to being quite anxious.

In my experience the best way to handle someone in this state is get him on the table, cover him up with a nice warm towel and do some breathing exercise to calm him. I then start with some head massage because it helps with relaxation.

Once he’s on the table I tell him some ground rules “you can interact with me as much, or as little as you like” and “if I’m doing anything you’re not comfortable with please say”….and we begin…”ok Mike, let’s take a deep breath in through your nose….


Hello Jamie, how are you?”.

Hi Mike, I’m great thanks, are you good?

Yes, I’m looking forward to another fabulous session Jamie

This is Mike’s third massage and he’s much more confident. He’s talking to me as he gets ready; “Jamie, I remember that first session, I was so nervous. I nearly asked you to stop as I was laying on the table. Then you held my hand and squeezed it. You held it so long. I still remember it and at that moment I knew it would be OK”.  I just look at Mike, I don’t know what to say, so I just smile, hold his hand and he gets on my table. We begin.

Part way through the massage Mike raises his head and asks me, nodding over to the bed in the corner of the room “could we move to the bed this time please Jamie?” adding “I’d like to suck your cock”.

This is a progression, he’s asking for things! I’m fine to agree to that so we move to the bed. We continue a little more with massage on the bed and then Mike asks me to straddle his chest so he can suck me. I’m in position but he wants me to go deeper (he’s good…no gag) and so I lean forward to get a better angle and rest my hands against the wall to steady myself.

I’m close Mike, do you want me to cum in your mouth?” (It’s always polite to check this I think). Of course you can’t answer when your mouth is full can you (it’s like when the dentist asks you a question while your mouth is full of equipment, why do they do that?) so I pull it out… and Mike says “cum on my face”….


Back to the Whatsapp

……It’s a problem because we have a someone checking the apartment next week. We need it to be exactly as we rented it because the lease ends soon. We tried to clean it off but it won’t come off. We will lose some of the deposit unless that wall is back to how it was”.

Another picture comes through on the Whatsapp and it’s very clearly two hand marks on the wall at the head of the bed in the massage studio. The message continues “The other masseurs think it happened after your client last week”. The person from the sex party organisation (because the Whatsapp messages are from them) asks me to fix it as soon as possible. What can I do but agree…it was my hands.

The marks are where I had steadied myself with Mike as he sucked me. My hands must have had oil on them and it has soaked into the emulsion paint on the wall. Once there’s oil on a white wall, it’s impossible to get off unless you paint over with a sealant and then apply more coats of emulsion on top. I end up having to spend an afternoon re-painting the wall.

I did enough to cover it up for the inspection, but I imagine someone now living in that apartment is wondering why two hand marks have slowly appeared on their bedroom wall…if only they knew…

So, ‘Hands’ is an appropriate place to start for my new ‘Body Parts’ themed blog on sensual massage. You can’t do much massage without them, and the best place for them is on your client’s body, not on the wall.

Next time I’ll write about another sensual massage body part….thanks for reading 🙂

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