Z to A of Sensual Massage

The Z to A of Sensual Massage

À la recherche du temps perdu seems to be an apt phrase for these difficult times as I look back with some longing for days when enforced social distancing and fear of an invisible virus were things unknown to us.

‘F’ is for Feather

The title of the Proust novel can be translated as a remembrance of things past. Remembering the time before this crisis when we took human contact almost for granted is something I’d like to explore and celebrate in this blog series. I write not only for my own amusement (why not? there’s only so much porn one can watch…), but also to amuse and enthuse my readers about the pleasure of a sensual massage. Who knows maybe some of you will come along and try one out after the dark clouds lift?

I plan to write a Z to A of sensual massage. Drawing on my experience of giving sensual massages to hundreds of clients over the past few years and what I’ve learned from some fantastic massage colleagues and teachers, I hope to take you on an alphabetical journey from Z to A. Beginning at the end should help to make it feel like a countdown to the end of the restrictions (we hope)…perhaps in a similar way to the slow build of excitement and eroticism of a sensual massage.

Feel free to send me (via the Contact Me page on my website) your thoughts and suggestions for future letters, all feedback is good. Let’s be imaginative though, C won’t be for Cock, or Cum…that’s too easy! Look out for Z shortly, and stay safe. Jamie X

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