Z to A of Sensual Massage

Z is for Zzzzzzzz 😴

Ok so Zoo has no obvious connection with massage, nor does Zodiac or Zebra. So allow me a little leeway in going for Zzzzzz, the universally recognised onomatopoeia for sleep (and snoring).

Sleepy Head

‘Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care…’ as Macbeth said on returning after murdering King Duncan. Macbeth may well have benefited from having a sensual massage after the murder, to calm his nerves and help him sleep, or maybe just to get away from Lady Macbeth for a while (she seems the sort you might like to avoid at times). However, I don’t advocate that you visit me for a massage after committing regicide. Perhaps give it a few days to let the dust settle?

What I do recommend is if you’re finding your sleep is poor or shallow then sometimes a relaxing session of sensual massage may help you get a good nights rest and take your mind off any late Scottish Kings or hectoring partners that are troubling you.

It is well established that massage promotes relaxation and sleep in those who are stressed. Massage stimulates the release of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which increase relaxation and reduce pain. Massage also reduces stress by decreasing heart rate and levels of cortisol hormone. That’s very briefly the science. Does it accord with what I’ve seen and heard from my clients?

Yes i think it does! I’m regularly told by clients that they slept well after a massage or indeed some even sleep during the massage, albeit briefly near the beginning of the session when things are gentler and slower. Sensual massage is intended to relax you of course but also to arouse and build to a climax. Sleep may feature at the start but quite quickly you’ll be aware of a stirring ‘down there’ as things become more erotic. As the massage develops in intensity the last thing on your mind will be sleep.

My massage usually starts with some deep breathing to slow down my client’s breath and help calm the mind. After some establishing touch on their body and legs I begin with a head massage. Most people are happy to have their head massaged and it certainly seems to bring about deep relaxation. Sometimes the release of tension in the body, especially in the shoulders is visible as I work the head and neck. So begins the process of deeper connection between masseur and client.

I do recall a client who after about 15 minutes into the massage began snoring (those Zzzz again) quite loudly. He was very clearly asleep and it momentarily went through my mind ‘what do I do if he sleeps all way through?’

He’d booked 90 minutes and, during the booking chat had been quite specific about what he wanted, and it wasn’t a 90 minute afternoon nap. How was I going to get my cock in his mouth as requested if he’s deep in the land of morpheus? Is it appropriate to change the music from background massage tunes to heavy metal? Do I even have that on my playlist?

Fortunately he seemed to wake as I started to move into a more vigorous section of the massage. I need not have worried about meeting his requests because after a while he was enjoying testing out his lack of gag reflex…which I was quite impressed with. After we’d finished he did say that he was fully asleep at the start, after having been a while in that wonderful twilight between awake and asleep where you slip to the edge of consciousness like a snowflake melting on a window. He’d said he’d had a busy day and the massage was so calming at the start that he had just dropped off in a most welcome way. So in the end all was well and he left very happy, and to a good nights sleep.

Spoiler Alert! Macbeth doesn’t have a happy ending (I’m sure you know that but just in case…..). I think he should have availed himself of a sensual massage before embarking on his bloody bid for the throne. It might have chilled him out. Lady Macbeth too…I do couples massages, they’d both have been most welcome. They’d have got a happy ending, and a good nights sleep Zzzzzzzzz. Duncan would have slept well too I guess. But the play would have been very boring indeed.

What do you think? Let me know.

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