Z to A of Sensual Massage

Y is for You

“It’s all about you, it’s all about you, baby” sang McFly in 2005. A great song by an iconic band although it’s not something I’d play during a massage. Decent massage music is the subject of a different letter of the alphabet on a different day. I’ve had a few disasters with that but it’s for another time. Today is Y and Y is for You. All about You.

Ever had someone ask you ‘how was your week’ and then, as you reply you realise they’re not listening? Sure, they’re looking at you, nodding and smiling. “Yeah…really, wow…yeah cool…” – all the signs of listening are there… but somehow you sense they don’t much care. They’re not really engaged in your answer. You could say anything… “yes it was lovely thanks, I had dinner with your wife then we danced naked around your front garden while the neighbours cheered” …and they wouldn’t hear a word you said. It’s just a ruse they have to get you to ask the same question back so they can talk about themselves. Am I being unfair? Maybe, but we’ve all been there I’m sure. For some people it’s always all about them.

What’s this got to do with sensual massage? Fair question, here goes…. You’d like a massage? Good, you’re in the right place coming to see me. This isn’t the take away joint downstairs (my studio is above a takeaway, maybe come and get a massage and work up an appetite for a Chinese?). But what’s your motivation for it? What’s driving you to visit today? There’s lots of reasons why you’d book a massage; curiosity about being with a guy, to try a new experience, to relax, to explore, to learn, to chat about sexy stuff, for physical contact….all sorts of things are working and they’re all good reasons, I love them all. I try to understand why you’re here, even if it is just because it’s close to the takeaway, that’s cool. Understanding helps me make sure I can help you have a great massage. Sometimes you tell me in detail – “I like 12 long strokes down each leg, left one first, and the index finger of your right hand massaging my prostate for 37 seconds” which is good although it’s difficult to choreograph a sensual massage to that level…it’s best to evolve rather than be quite so planned. But I do know that with requests like that that my client is anxious and likes to know the plan. I hope that often I can work it out without too many questions, it’s good to simply feel where to go and what to do…it’s a sensual massage after all. However sometimes I just ask “so John, what are you looking for today?” “I’m here to shoot my load Jamie”. OK so I get a few smart arse clients …

Whatever you are looking for, the one thing I try to do is make sure you feel is that it’s all about you, and not in any way about me. It’s your massage and by understanding why you’re here and what you like I hope that as you lay on the table and wherever else the massage takes us…floor, shower, bed, Chinese is always your massage and your pleasure I’m focused on.

Unfortunately there are some masseurs who do make it about themselves. If you want a great sensual massage avoid those masseurs. It is possible to recognise the type. They’ll watch themselves in the mirror a lot. They may have a long list of things they won’t do. They might publicise the type of clients they’d prefer not to book by using implied or direct language on their website. There’s also those who make you feel like they’re doing you a favour by booking with them. I do get massages myself (it’s good for market research) and I’ve experienced some of those masseurs. I wouldn’t go back to them.

If you arrange a sensual massage it’s definitely about You. It’s your bit of ‘me’ time which everyone needs now and again. In that precious time you want someone who is totally focused on your enjoyment of the moment. In a sensual massage it’s obvious to you if your masseur is not fully engaged and focused on your needs. They should be totally absorbed in your massage, focused intently on your body and your mind, noticing your breath, your heart rate, your energy, what makes your cock twitch. They’d notice how your fingers flex when they run their nails across your shoulder, how your breathing slows when they massage your head, how your legs part as they draw their palms up your inner thighs. If they’re just going through the motions then I’m sure you’ll know. In the same way it’s very clear that your mate isn’t listening in those ‘how was your week’ conversations it is also clear in a sensual massage that your sensual masseur isn’t sensing. If that’s the case then it isn’t about you, it’s probably about them. You may get a decent massage but it won’t be a sensual massage.

Tom Fletcher wrote the McFly song as an apology to his then girlfriend because he apparently forgot Valentines Day. I guess it worked because they subsequently married. A happy ending to that story! I’m not looking for marriage (unless you’re a millionaire of course…message me with details, I’ll start the wedding arrangements) but I will do my best to make sure your massage is all about you…with a happy ending. We all like happy endings.

What do you think? Let me know.

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