Z to A of Sensual Massage

W is for Where

Not Wank. Noooooo!….. that’s way too obvious and unimaginative. W is for Where, as in where do sensual massages take place? I’m talking location location location. A platform to perform on, a space to get sensual, a scene for seduction. The famous Martini ad ‘Anytime any place, any where…’ suggested you could have the drink wherever. Does it apply with sensual massage? Well, there’s good places and not so good places.

The floor makes for a very close massage

The usual location for a massage is in a dedicated studio on a massage table. I’ve done hundreds of those and it usually works sublimely. Make it a warm quiet room. Use soft lighting and set up a strong comfortable table. Definitely a strong table. I mount the table because it’s good for full body to body contact. The table needs to be able to take the weight and the rhythmic motion of two bodies sliding over each other and some …er…vigorous thrusting movements. You get the idea…

A few years ago I was helping out a friend at a massage workshop he was running. Think of a large lounge in a private apartment with 12 massage tables laid out. On each table is a towel covered naked guy ready to be massaged. Beside each table are two semi naked ladies ready to learn the art of sensual massage. The room is heavy with latent sensual energy, nervous anticipation and…y’know… some unspoken concerns amongst the guys about whether they’ll be able to perform. There’s a fair bit of competition in these situations and no-one wants to be the guy who didn’t shoot, or even the one who didn’t last the whole workshop.

Anyway, thats the scene and it’s an interesting location for a sensual massage, or 12 sensual massages to be precise. I was one of the demo bodies, lying naked under my towel. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. You lay there while 2 Masseuses practice on you. They rotate between different guys every so often so you get to enjoy a variety of different styles. During breaks you give feedback. If the massage is good the feedback also comes in a rather more obvious way. Fortunately my trainees were good, I didn’t need to say much…they could tell.

The evening had started fairly normally (if this situation could ever be described as normal I guess). Our expert teacher had been demonstrating some opening moves at one of the tables. As as he did some energetic work on a guys back, while standing beside the table, it suddenly lurched forward and down as one of the legs collapsed. If someone had been hurt it wouldn’t have been funny but as soon as we realised there were no injuries the table failure added to the sense of fun in the room. The broken table was replaced and we all carried on. All the other tables remained firm and solid fortunately.

As the evening progressed, the lights dimmed and the massages became more erotic, there were other firm and solid things for the trainee masseuses to work on. One by one each table reached its’ climax. I remember trying to hold off as long as possible which isn’t easy when 4 hands have been working on you for the last hour and a half.

The massage workshop story shows that you don’t need a quiet uncrowded room to enjoy a good massage. As long as you’re not too shy it’s just as good in a room full of people, and especially so if you like an audience. If you’re in the zone either as giver or receiver it really doesn’t much matter what’s going on around you or where you are, you’re oblivious to it. All that matters in that moment is the connection between you and your massage partner(s).

In a private studio setting or the more public setting of a workshop or party there’s usually a proper (strong) massage table available. But what if you have no table? Does that mean no massage? No, it just means a different type of massage. If you’ve a futon or maybe a yoga mat you can still give a good sensual massage on the floor. There’s no concerns about anything collapsing is there? Carpet burns perhaps but nothing worse. Floor massage can be even more intimate. With much closer body contact it’s easier to use your whole body to massage. It can however be a bit less comfortable for the receiver because the floor is hard and it’s not easy to lie with your head down facing front. You can’t have everything.

Sometimes I do out calls to clients in their hotel. I have no concerns about waking into a hotel with my portable table but it isn’t especially easy to lug around. I’ve taken it to some exclusive London hotels without any problems. Sometimes in a hotel room there isn’t space to set up a table, although that obviously isn’t a problem in large suites. Some of my outcall clients are happy to just use the bed. That’s fine by me, although I do always offer to use the table because I think it’s a better massage than the bed.

Working on a bed is more challenging than the floor. Beds are much too soft for massage and it’s difficult to move around elegantly. I’ve accidentally knocked things off bedside tables and dislodged the headboard while trying to move around in a bed massage in the past. It’s not ideal, although is very intimate. The dynamic is different too because of the bed setting the massage might be interpreted as more of a sex session, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not the intention or aim of a sensual massage. It’s much better to enjoy the sensual massage on a table. If the massage develops naturally and mutually in a different direction then move to the bed.

Where’s best then? The answer to the question of ‘where?’ is less of a physical location – it could be in a crowded room, a hotel, your bedroom or a studio, on a table, on the floor or on a bed. They’re all possible. The answer to the question is where is your head? If you’re mentally ready and your comfortable with the company of your massage partner then almost regardless of the location you’re ready to enjoy a sensual massage. ‘Anytime, any place, anywhere…if you embrace it’ is the answer. Although it’s probably best to avoid anywhere you’d normally be expected to stay clothed. Being arrested wouldn’t be a happy ending.

What do you think? Let me know.

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