Z to A of Sensual Massage

O is for Orgasm

I’ve only done it once. I had sworn I’d never do it of course. You know…I told myself ‘I’m better than that, I don’t need to demean myself’ …but I went ahead and did it anyway. I had to, there was no choice. What could I do? Please don’t think bad of me. Sometimes in life you’re faced with a situation that forces you to make an unpalatable decision. So you rationalise it and make all sorts of excuses; ‘it’ll just be once, I’ll say it’s for the experience, I’ll not let it define me’. Then you take a deep breath and go ahead with it, hoping for the best… 

…Yes reader, I booked Ryanair. I wanted BA of course but they didn’t fly the route. Only Ryanair flew it, so I had no choice really. For the first and er…currently only time in my life, I flew with Ryanair. I have to admit it was ok. I took my own food and drink on board, I didn’t buy the scratch card thing they offer and I avoided putting a bag in the hold so as to minimise all extra fees. Fortunately I didn’t need to take many clothes because I was off to a nude holiday. You don’t expect me to go somewhere that requires being dressed do you? 

As a means of getting from some place to some place else it was, I have to admit, very decent and efficient. They took me to the right airport, on time and without hassle. Your standards drop a bit when faced with tough choices don’t they? I never thought I’d fly with a budget airline… but I did. I mean I’ll happily admit that I get my cock out for paying clients (and of course all my clients are high quality discerning clients), but to admit to having flown Ryanair is something I’d rather not do…. so let’s keep it just between us ok?

What I will agree is that I wanted to get somewhere at a certain time on a certain day and Ryanair did exactly what I needed. They got me there (and back) safely and on time. That’s good enough isn’t it? Nothing extra promised and nothing extra expected, just faultless execution of the main job. They fulfilled their purpose. This isn’t an advert for them (however if they’re reading – please send me free stuff) but it does get me thinking about what’s the purpose of a naked sensual massage. What’s the promise? What’s expected? Does it fulfil it’s purpose?

The title is a clue I guess: Naked Sensual Massage. You’ll be naked and so will the masseur (at least by the end they will). Nudity is clearly part of the deal. Sensual is also part of the deal….I covered sensual stuff elsewhere in this blog but briefly, it’s about engaging all the senses, especially touch. So your senses are going to be stimulated. Finally there’s massage…and the promise that your soft tissue (muscle etc) will be manipulated by massage. 

Naked Sensual Massage is a bit like the airline’s promise to fly me safely from one airport to another at a certain time. You’re definitely going to get a naked sensual massage. However there’s more things implied by the title Naked Sensual Massage isn’t there? And that’s where matters become different from the airline’s offer. 

Ryanair don’t imply anything else is available; in fact they make a virtue of it. It’s a service stripped to the basics. They don’t say ‘we’ll fly you from A to B plus you’ll feel awesome, and hey the bar will be free all through the flight and there’s a limo for you each end…aren’t we lovely!’ They don’t even give you one of those hot towels. What are the hot towels for anyway? I never knew what to do with my hot towel. Nor did I want the glass of champagne they dump on you just as you sit down in business class on the ‘proper’ airlines. I don’t want a glass of champagne that’s going to get knocked over as I’m trying to work out where the fold out tray is, where the socket is to charge my phone and what happens if my big dildo falls out of my bag in the overhead locker during turbulence? Give me the champagne after we’ve taken off please. Then I won’t give a damn about any sex toys falling on the passenger behind me. 

Sorry, I’m going off the subject aren’t I? I took a flight of fancy (couldn’t resist….sorry). We’re talking about what’s implied in the Naked Sensual Massage offer aren’t we. And specifically the main question I’m often asked about the offer is….”will I get off?” Sometimes quickly followed by “and will you get off too?”. 

Some clients are more forthright in asking but most are a little more circumspect and hint at the question, or use the euphemism of a ‘happy ending’. We all know what that means. Yes, we’re talking about whether the massage ends in climax. Is there an O for Orgasm?….(or maybe that’s OOOOOOOOHHHHH  for Orgasm?). To which I answer….”that’s up to you, it’s your massage and it’s up to you if you want to get off, or climax, or orgasm”. Indeed a sensual massage doesn’t have to end in orgasm….it can start with one too!  

I see a few clients who like to release the tension early in the massage so they can relax, enjoy the ‘massage’ part of the massage, and then build to a climax again later on. Now this is where things can get a little misunderstood. If someone is desperately horny and just wants to get off as soon as possible then coming for a sensual massage is probably not the best option. There’s other places you can go if you want a blow job or quickie. I’m not into that kind of service although I’m not judging anyone who wants it or offers it. 

Sometimes I get calls late at night from guys (it’s always guys) asking if I’m available immediately for a half hour or even 15 minute appointment. The answer (if I bother to answer) is always ‘no’. Those guys just need a hookup not a sensual massage. Try Grindr. What I mean by the guys wanting to orgasm at the start is sometimes it’s because they experience premature ejaculation. They are concerned about climaxing during the massage. This worry can hinder their enjoyment of the intimacy of the massage. Therefore they purposely climax at the start (with my help of course…) and then we can begin the massage proper and practice building up the energy through massage as I gently and slowly use touch and edging techniques to help them practise delaying reaching climax. After a few massages they’re then able to hold off climaxing at the start and can enjoy the gradual build of energy and eroticism through the massage.

It is also possible to simply enjoy holding the sexual energy created by the massage and not climax at all. The purpose and intention of sensual massage is to create sexual energy and to enjoy the touch, intimacy and seduction of your masseur. Whether that should include a release of the energy through orgasm is one option, but it need not be the only option. 

Perhaps you struggle to reach climax, either for medical reasons or other reasons. This is certainly no barrier to enjoying a sensual massage. Sometimes I see clients who may find it difficult to surrender control and ‘allow’ themselves to reach orgasm. It is of course a very intimate and personal thing and requires a lot of trust between the client and the masseur. Climax happens as much in the brain as it does in the genitals. This can be especially so for female clients where trust and connection with the masseur is extremely important to put the client in the right frame of mind to enable her to reach orgasm. It may take a few massages to build up that connection that helps the client to be in the right place mentally to let go and allow their physical responses to build to climax. I find that generally however the environment and conditions created during a sensual massage are highly conducive to putting someone in a very relaxed yet aroused state to allow them to reach a climax if they wish to. 

As for whether I orgasm or not…..well that’s another question and you’ll have to ask me in person when you come for a massage won’t you? Oh, and in a naked sensual massage there is a use for that hot towel….especially if there’s a lot of cum to clean up. I hope you enjoyed O for Orgasm, but it wasn’t compulsory 🙂 

Next letter is N. I’ve a few ideas but suggestions are welcome, as always. Thanks for reading. 



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