All my massages can be tailored to your requirements and preferences. We are all different so I aim to treat you as unique and to understand your requirements and preferences in how your massage will work.

Before starting we will have a short consultation where I will check whether you have any conditions or injuries that I need to be aware of (please see the FAQ section). I will also check what areas of your body you wish me to focus on or avoid. 

This discussion is important for your safety and enjoyment and I would ask you to share with me your preferences and what you’d like to get out of the massage. There are no questions that are ‘off limits’, ask any questions you like!

However if you prefer to just see how it goes then this is fine too. As a sensual masseur I am familiar with sensing what you like and want by reading your reactions during the massage and adjusting my approach as we go.

Regular Massages

Specialist Massages