All massages can be tailored to your requirements and preferences.

Before starting we will have a short consultation where I will check whether you have any conditions or injuries that I need to be aware of (please see the FAQ section). I will also check what areas of your body you wish me to focus on or avoid.

This discussion is important for your safety and enjoyment and I would ask you to share with me your preferences and what you’d like to get out of the massage. There are no questions that are ‘off limits’, ask any questions you like!

However if you prefer to just see how it goes then this is fine too. As a sensual masseur I am familiar with sensing what you like and want by reading your reactions during the massage and adjusting my approach as we go.

Regular Massages

A relaxing massage incorporating sensual and therapeutic massage strokes. Delivered using warm grapeseed oil.

I use my whole body to massage you, including intimate touch in all areas that you are comfortable with.

I use variation in touch and style to keep your body at a heightened state of pleasure as you enjoy the sensations of sensual massage.

During the hour I will cover all parts of your body and can focus on areas of your choosing. 

I will usually be naked and you are welcome to interact with me as much or as little as you are comfortable with. 

The massage includes intimate arousing touch which gradually intensifies in erotic sensation until reaching a climax if you wish. I will then bring you to a relaxed state with some head massage.

This is the same as the 60 Minute massage except I have more time to focus on each area of your body.

The 90 minute massage is an ideal time to enjoy the relaxation sequence and to gradually build to an intense and erotic climax.

As with the 60 minute massage I can tailor the experience to suit your preferences.

The 120 minute massage is the ultimate in relaxation.

Every part of your body receives full attention and bodywork. There is opportunity, if you are so inclined, to reach multiple climax during the massage.

If you want the ultimate in pampering the 120 minute is ideal.

Specialist Massages

Delivered by two masseurs (or more….6 hands?) this is an intense and extremely erotic experience.

Working together the masseurs will co-ordinate their moves to work your body in an ultimate experience of sensations. 

You can decide how long you want, and which masseur you would like me to work with. I only do 4 hands with selected masseurs who share my approach to sensual massage. I work with a range of male and female partners and I am sure that there will be one who meets your preferences. 

Scheduling a 4 hands does require some notice because we have to make sure that we are both available so to avoid disappointment please book as far in advance as possible.


Want to watch your partner enjoy receiving a sensual massage? If so this option may be for you.

The partner massage can be delivered over any time from an hour upwards.

You can either just watch your partner enjoy the massage or you can join me in delivering a 4 hands massage for them (perhaps swapping half way through).

I will guide you in some basic massage moves that you can take back and use together to enhance your giving of pleasure to each other.

The massage can be tailored to your requirements and preferences. Just ask.

I will need to speak to both partners before the massage to ensure that both are happy with the arrangements.

A bespoke massage created to your desires and preferences.

Use your imagination!

Talk to me about designing your fantasy massage.

See my special XXX page.