Why not try a male/female 4 hands?

What’s the difference between a masseur and a masseuse? One is male and the other female obviously! But apart from the obvious physical attributes there are differences in the way they give a massage.

The touch, the pressure, the feel of the parts of their body that come into contact with you are all different. As you lay head down on the table you’ll ask yourself ‘Is this the masseur that’s massaging my head or is it the masseuse? Who’s hand is on my bum? Who’s thigh just brushed my hand? Ah that’s her nails stroking my neck, or is it his hands?’

The normal sensory overload of a 4 hands is heightened by the variations in styles and the intriguing questions and possibilities that arise with a male/female 4 hands massage.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work with a fantastic sensual masseuse who is available with me on the 13,14 and 15 August. Why not try out a M/F 4 hands and see what a combination of masseur and masseuse can do. Do get in touch if you’re interested.

Jamie x

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