I offer the following massages:

Naked Sensual Massage  60, 90 or 120 minutes

60 minutes £125

90 minutes £185

120 minutes £220

A warm oil massage incorporating sensual and therapeutic massage strokes. I use my whole body during the massage, with plenty of body contact and intimate touch. I am naked during the massage and you are very welcome to interact with me as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

The massage includes intimate arousing touch which gradually intensifies in erotic sensation until a crescendo of orgasm. I then bring you to a relaxing and calm sense of well being through soft touch and head massage.

You choose the type of massage you like or just leave it to me to take you on a journey of pleasure and eroticism. It’s your time and your choice. I’m happy to offer additional services as required, just let me know what you like.

4 Hands Naked Sensual Massage  90 or 120 minutes

Rates for 4 hands depends on the other Masseur’s rate but as a guide a 60 minutes 4 hand is around £250.

This is similar to the 2 hand massage above, except it is done with 2 masseurs, hence the 4 hands.

4 hands can be a very intense and erotic experience. You will experience different touch from each masseur, working simultaneously on your body to create a variety of sensations that will overload your senses. I do 4 hands with a number of male masseurs and female masseuses.

If you are interested in arranging a 4 hands massage please contact me using the Contact form or via my contact number. This will enable me to check your preferences and find the right partner masseur or masseuse for you.

Outcall rates are based on the in call rate plus extra depending on the location and travel time. Please ask.