Short Demo Video

Here is a short demonstration video.

The full, uncensored version is on the site which you can access from my Home page. There are also plenty of other movies I have been in on that site, I’m sure you’ll recognise me.

I also have a longer uncensored version on here. See the page called Full Massage Demo Video. This is password protected. Please contact me if you’d like the password.

33 thoughts on “Short Demo Video”

    1. Hello, the full video is on the site (the link is on my website). There are the full version of my demo massage (called Jamie demonstrates) plus other movies I’ve done; you’ll probably recognise me. Or book a massage and experience it for yourself!

    1. Sorry you feel like that. A lot of effort goes into making the videos, filming, editing them, hosting the website. So that’s why it’s not free. There is a free sample on my website.

  1. Oooh. Norwegian man here. I’m seriously thinking about booking a massage with you. Looks amazing. The full videos is just on that page?

    1. Hello yes the full video is on I’ve done about 20 videos on there, including the one previewed on my website. If you’d like to book a massage please contact me via my email or number on the Contact Me page on my website.

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