Z to A of Sensual Massage

The Z to A of Sensual Massage

À la recherche du temps perdu seems to be an apt phrase for these difficult times as I look back with some longing for days when enforced social distancing and fear of an invisible virus were things unknown to us.

‘F’ is for Feather

The title of the Proust novel can be translated as a remembrance of things past. Remembering the time before this crisis when we took human contact almost for granted is something I’d like to explore and celebrate in this blog series. I write not only for my own amusement (why not? there’s only so much porn one can watch…), but also to amuse and enthuse my readers about the pleasure of a sensual massage. Who knows maybe some of you will come along and try one out after the dark clouds lift?

I plan to write a Z to A of sensual massage. Drawing on my experience of giving sensual massages to hundreds of clients over the past few years and what I’ve learned from some fantastic massage colleagues and teachers, I hope to take you on an alphabetical journey from Z to A. Beginning at the end should help to make it feel like a countdown to the end of the restrictions (we hope)…perhaps in a similar way to the slow build of excitement and eroticism of a sensual massage.

Feel free to send me (via the Contact Me page on my website) your thoughts and suggestions for future letters, all feedback is good. Let’s be imaginative though, C won’t be for Cock, or Cum…that’s too easy! Look out for Z shortly, and stay safe. Jamie X


4 Hands Euro Special

Ok so we’re leaving the EU on 31 January but that’s no reason to leave our European friends, especially when they’re as hot as my Portuguese friend Jorge.

Jorge massaging me

Jorge has recently returned to London to practice sensual massage. To maintain our very close relationship with Europe in the most sensual and intimate way, for the month of February, we’re offering a 4 hands massage with me and Jorge at my studio in central London (or outcall to a central London location).

What could do more for British & European relations than to experience the hands of a Londoner and an Alfacinha (person from Lisbon) all over your body?

Do your bit to maintain British / European relations and enjoy an intimate and erotic 4 hands massage for the special rate of £230 for an hour. Contact me to book and quote Europe Special.


4 Hands Massage: how does it differ from 2 hands?

4 is better than 2 right? It’s twice the number of hands massaging me, it must feel twice as good? Twice as sensual. Double the sensation. After all, more of a good thing is better! Sure it is! How about an 8 hands massage!! (Yes I’ve done them, it takes a lot of choreography…). As with lots of things the answer to the question more is better in 2, 4, 6 or more hands is ‘it depends what you’re looking for’ because they’re quite a different experience.

Count the hands…

How does it differ I hear you ask. What are the ways? What’s different? A massage is a massage and a sensual massage is a sensual massage….there’s warm oil, relaxing music, erotic touch, a release of tension in various ways…

Well yes there’s all those touches you don’t get with a standard ‘spa’ massage. 2, 4 or more is still a sensual experience but with more hands there are some quite essential differences.

Style: every masseur has a distinct style, the strokes they do, the speed, pressure and the intensity. Whilst a pair who are experienced working together will probably have coordinated their moves and sequence you’ll still feel some difference in their style. This can make an interesting contrast. Feel the first masseur massage your head for example and then compare as the second masseur works the same area. If you’ve a male and female combination the contrast can be even more pronounced. It’s intriguing to try and work out whose hands are working your bum for example. Is it his hands or hers? Or perhaps they have one cheek each!

Side by side

Intensity: There’s a lot going on in a 4 hands massage. You could be experiencing a manipulation of your leg at the same time as having the back of your neck gently stroked. The contrast of both ends or both sides of your body being worked at the same time can be intense causing a flood of different sensations. Compared to the intimacy of a two hand where the masseur focuses on a particular area it’s like having a buffet in a busy restaurant against an intimate dinner for two at home. Different experiences, different intensity of sensations. What’s your preference this time? Focus or Flood?

Interaction: You may like to interact a little (or a lot) with your masseur. Fine! this is sensual massage, interaction is good. So you like to feel his body brush yours as he moved around the table, his cock brush your hand as he leans over you, or her breasts slide across your buttocks as she bends to kiss your neck. Two masseurs means two cocks to hold, maybe four breasts to caress, or perhaps the masseurs will interact with each other while you watch? There’s certainly plenty of opportunity for interaction in a 4 hands massage. Like watching your masseurs perform? Enjoy group scenes? Want to explore your bisexual side with a male/female combination? These are all good reasons to try a 4 hand for a different experience.

It always ends explosively

I hope this has piqued your interest in a 4 hands treat! Contact me if you’d like to arrange an experience for yourself. I can arrange a variety of male and female masseur partners. Or maybe you want to try a 4 hand with me joining your partner as the second masseur? I can guide you in giving a 4 hand to your partner, something you can then take to your play as a couple to bring a new dimension to your physical relationship.


Watch and play

For many couples the fantasy of involving a third person into their sex lives remains just that, a nice fantasy. Perhaps the thrill of watching your partner enjoy the pleasure of another man’s body, or just trying out a threesome is something that is appealing but somehow out of reach?

Sometimes the concern about how the dynamic of a third person may affect the couple’s relationship or simply how to go about finding someone up for it can inhibit the fantasy from becoming a reality.

A solution to these concerns is to use a professional sensual masseur. The masseur will be able to talk to you about exactly what you want, and be able to deliver it. There’s no concerns about any unwanted dynamics and as long as both partners are happy with it then involving a professional masseur gives you the opportunity to safely explore your fantasy and make it real, with a professional and expert masseur to guide you both.

Couples who have considered this and decided to try it out regularly ask me to provide a sensual massage to one or both partners. As a bisexual I’m happy to massage both males and females. Sometimes this involves me massaging one partner while the other watches, sometimes we join and provide a sensual 4 hands massage to the other partner. It all just depends on what you both like. The session can develop entirely to your preferences to leave both of you completely relaxed and released, having fulfilled and explored your fantasy.

I recently met a lovely couple who wanted me to massage the female and then move to the bed while her male partner watched as the massage and erotic play unfolded. He was very happy and excited to see his partner have a relaxing and arousing massage on the table and then watch and assist her enjoy a long session of much more intimate and erotic play with me.

They enjoyed the session so much they asked if they could take some pictures on their phone to remember the occasion by. Of course I was fine with this for their personal use.

Afterwards they sent me a few and said I was fine to use them on my website. So if you’re thinking of exploring your fantasies and want to do so in a safe and rewarding way please do what my couple did and give me a call!

Here’s the picture my couple sent, taken by her partner, of us exploring each other’s body on the bed after the massage.

Give me a call if you’d like it to be you or your partner having the same experience!

Of course I do require both of you to be entirely in agreement to the session so I will need to obtain both partners consent and agreement to the session. I always discuss and agree boundaries before the session and at booking.


Last chance!

Last chance to book a M/F 4 hands this week on 14, 15 or 16 August.

Our recent client for a 4 hands with me and Emile said it was a fantastic experience and totally enjoyed his massage, such that he was booking to come back for another session before he left us!

We’re available again with some limited times this week so if you’re thinking of trying a M/F 4 hands get in touch to avoid disappointment.

Jamie X


Why not try a male/female 4 hands?

What’s the difference between a masseur and a masseuse? One is male and the other female obviously! But apart from the obvious physical attributes there are differences in the way they give a massage.

The touch, the pressure, the feel of the parts of their body that come into contact with you are all different. As you lay head down on the table you’ll ask yourself ‘Is this the masseur that’s massaging my head or is it the masseuse? Who’s hand is on my bum? Who’s thigh just brushed my hand? Ah that’s her nails stroking my neck, or is it his hands?’

The normal sensory overload of a 4 hands is heightened by the variations in styles and the intriguing questions and possibilities that arise with a male/female 4 hands massage.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work with a fantastic sensual masseuse who is available with me on the 13,14 and 15 August. Why not try out a M/F 4 hands and see what a combination of masseur and masseuse can do. Do get in touch if you’re interested.

Jamie x


Why not try a 4 hands?

They say “the more the merrier” and it’s true also with sensual massage. Whilst it’s amazing to experience what two hands (and other body parts 😉) can do it’s twice as amazing to experience 4 hands.

I work with some awesome sensual masseurs and masseuses (that’s a female masseur for those unfamiliar with the term) and can arrange a 4 hands session for you.

As it happens I’m working with a fantastic masseuse this week on the 8th and 9th August. She is very attractive and sensual and is available to book with me for a male/female sensual massage experience that will blow your mind, and other things probably too!

Contact me for more information.



Brighton visit

I’ll be visiting Brighton from 7 to 9 August with a very hot masseur friend! We shall be available for bookings; out call or in. If you’d like to book let me know 🙂.


Massage demo movie

I recently filmed a demo movie with a volunteer modelling on the massage table. The link to the movie site is below.

The movie shows an example of the sensual massage that I do. I’ve added some pictures from the movie below.


Some pictures of my work (done with models)

Here’s some examples of my massage. I like to make liberal use of warmed oil, which as well as feeling wonderful and making the massage very sensual is excellent for your skin.

And its nice to have a shower afterwards and feel the warm water wash away the oil to leave you feeling awesome!