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A is for Ask (Me Anything About Sensual Massage)

In my recent posts in the Z to A of Sensual Massage I asked for you to send me your questions about sensual massage so that I could answer them. The answers would be the final post – letter A –  in my Z To A of Sensual Massage…and here it is: A for Ask Me Anything.

Someone asked me a question that I did ask of myself when I first starting to do sensual massage as a job. Sensual massage involves intimacy right? It’s not like a spa massage. You’re going to be naked, you’re going to go places that normal masseurs don’t go. It will involve some kind of sexual activity and probably kissing if my client likes that.

I asked myself; can I do all that for any and every client I get?. I didn’t have the answer at that time, but I started as a masseur anyway, and hoped that I’d find out as I went along. I guessed it wouldn’t take long to find out.

So I say thank you to whoever asked me that question (they shall remain anonymous of course) because it’s a great first question to answer. The person did put it a bit more bluntly…as in “how do you massage clients you don’t find hot?” but I think it’s a similar question to what I asked myself when I started isn’t it? 

As a masseur you can’t pick your clients. Anyone can book a sensual massage. Some masseurs do try to ‘vet’ their clients. They ask for the client’s pictures when booking or they make it clear they only want a certain type of client.

That method of working isn’t my style.  I like the excitement of not knowing who is coming, plus I want sensual massage to be available to all. An interesting part of what I do is meeting and massaging all sorts of different people.

I don’t know who will be coming through the door if it’s a new client. But I did ask myself, could I do a great sensual massage for any client? To help answer that question let me tell you the story of Otis, my first ever proper client.

I’d been doing massage for fun, and for training, by practising on friends and volunteers for a while.  However those massages are different from doing a massage for paying client. There’s different expectations and a different dynamic going on. Otis would be my first paying client so this was a crossing of the Rubicon moment for me. 

Of course Otis didn’t know he was my first proper client. I tried to present myself as being highly experienced and  professional so that he’d feel in good hands in every sense. 

I typed into my phone: ‘OK Otis that’s booked for you, one hour at 3pm next Tuesday. The address is….etc’ and pressed the green send button. Otis had seen my advert, presumably liked what he saw and read, and had sent me a text message to book. With that text response to Otis my potential sensual masseur role became a bit more real and a lot more scary and exciting at the same time.

How I got to being a sensual masseur is a different story for a different question, but I’d got as far as posting an advert, setting up a website, arranging to accept credit cards and doing a host of other stuff to establish myself as a self-employed masseur. I also had a studio I could rent where I would be able to see clients.

Otis was coming to my studio for his massage. The day of his booking I arrived at the studio to prepare. I don’t need much time to prepare these days, just time to shower, dress (or undress to be more accurate) and get the oil and table ready. It can take 10 minutes.

However for Otis’ massage I arrived an hour early….just in case. Then I had to hang around for ages outside the studio because I couldn’t get access until half hour before we were due to start.

Once inside I got everything ready.  Then I paced around the room thinking about all the things that were going to go wrong. What if he doesn’t turn up? What if he does turn up but he doesn’t like me? More to the point, what if I don’t like him? What if he’s expecting to fuck me? Is that part of my service? What if he’s 30 stone and I don’t have enough oil? And if he is that big will he even fit on the table? What if it collapses under the weight of us?

I got on the table and bounced around a bit to make sure it was sturdy. Then I checked all the screws were tight (why was I thinking of screws?). I poured out another bottle of oil, just in case I needed a lot…. for coverage purposes. And I decided I wouldn’t put my bum anywhere near his cock, just in case I slipped…on all that oil.

It’s strange isn’t it. You can be trained, confident and prepared. You can have the endorsement of people you trust and respect. You can have all the tools ready. But you still have a voice in your head that tells you that you’re not supposed to be anywhere near this, you’re no good and that it’s all going to go wrong. Is it just me or does that happen to you too?.

In the half hour before Otis turned up that voice of doubt had convinced me that this would be my first, and last paying customer because I was a rubbish masseur. Otis would leave the room disappointed, and probably with a full refund and my sincere apologies. In fact I even wondered if I should offer to cover his travel costs in the certain event of a disaster.

I’m sorry Otis, I’m just not feeling it. If you want to finish yourself off please go ahead. I’ll put my shorts back on if you don’t mind”…..Then the table collapsed…..“Ah apologies, it’s not a first class table unfortunately. Here let me help you up”…..“Oh no! that looks painful, especially…er…down there. I’ve some tweezers somewhere that can get the splinters out”….. “OK Otis, bend over, you might need to spread your ass cheeks a little so I can get to them”…. “Of course there’s no charge in the circumstances”…I show Otis to the door… “It was nice to see you, I hope you’re able to sit comfortably on the train home, bye bye”. And so my first client would leave with his arse full of splinters and his balls still full of cum. All because I couldn’t get into it, or him….

Somehow though that table collapse splinter crisis massage didn’t happen. That disaster monologue was the voice of doubt in my head, and my over active imagination working during the half hour before Otis turned up. I couldn’t switch it off. I allowed it to run riot. 

The reality was that Otis’ massage went fine. There was no table collapse and no splinters to be removed from his bum. I’m also pretty sure he didn’t realise he was my first client and he didn’t pick up my anxiety. If he did then he was very good to hide it.

He was gracious, polite and very responsive on the table. It’s good to have a responsive client when you’re doubting yourself. OK, so he was slightly too large for the table, but in a length way and not a width or weight way. That’s fine, although when I was reaching for his balls while standing at his head it was almost too far for me. Mental note – next time lower the table slightly if he’s a tall client.

Responsive Otis appeared to enjoy all my moves, and when he turned over onto his back he his cock was nice and hard. Something must have been going right…

His climax was powerful; there was cum on the mirrored wardrobe at the head of the table when I was cleaning up after he’d left. I hadn’t noticed it went that far….I checked the ceiling as well, just in case. That would have been impressive.

Otis’ ejaculation reminds me of a recent filming session I did in a hotel. My filming partner managed to hit the wall from about 2 metres away. It was a good half way up the wall too. By the time we noticed the mess it had dripped down to the floor, creating stripes of cum on the wall. Fortunately it cleaned up ok because the wall was painted in emulsion. How do you explain that to reception? “Apologies for the cum stain on the wall but we don’t do internal cum shots in porn so it has to go somewhere…”.

Sorry, that’s enough cum shot chat, let’s get back to Otis’ massage. He was a reserved and respectful guy in terms of interacting with me. I didn’t discourage him and he did touch me but mostly he was happy to just receive my attention. I was trying hard to remember my routine and concentrate on watching his reactions so I guess it was probably a good thing he didn’t get too interactive lest I get distracted.

What made the massage sexy for me was seeing the reaction I could induce in him. Seeing him become increasingly aroused and enjoying my touch, and then being able to share his climax with him (and share it with the mirror I guess). The tenderness afterwards, a cuddle, a kiss, squeezing his hand….those things were really rewarding for me, and yes, they were a turn on.

Otis wouldn’t have been someone I would be immediately attracted to outside of a sensual massage situation. However I found no problem in massaging him erotically and being very intimate with him. The more he enjoyed it, the more turned on I got. The more turned on I got, the better the massage. 

After Otis’ massage I think I was on the way to answering the question “could I massage anyone?”. So far the answer was “yes, I think I can” and I should thank Otis for being such a great first client.

That was over five years ago and there’s been hundreds of clients since. Not all of them were as easy to massage as Otis but I do know now that I can give a great sensual massage to any client. Well….almost any client. There’s one or two that were challenging, but that’s a different story for another time.

Having worked our way through from the last letter of the alphabet to the first it seems apposite to end with that story of my first proper client.

However this won’t be the final post for A because you asked me more questions and I’ll do some more posts to answer them for you. And please do still send in any questions you may have. I like to hear from you. I hope you had a good Christmas. See you in 2022.

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What a joy to read this “A” and that many may follow. I actually read it already many times. You have a gift in writing Jamie, you feel as becoming part of the setting, being in the room as spectator. Would that not be a great experience and then being the next in line on the table and feel your magical hands! Might have watched too many of the video’s……
Looking forward to read another “A’.

Hi I just wanna know the password because I’m considering booking but I need to see what you guys do first

Thank you Alfred. Send me an email or message me on WhatsApp and I’ll send the password. I can’t put on here because then it’s visible for everyone.

What do you think? Let me know.

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